Ontario ECM Blower. Airflow Fault

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by John McArthur, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. John McArthur

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    image.jpeg With only continuous fan enabled the ECM blower starts to rev up, after about 3 seconds it stops with a clunk then it immediately try's to rev up again. The rev up and stop continues to cycle until I disable the fan. The fan RPM never gets above about 75 RPM.
    The system is a tranquility 22 (TZV 048) which has been running fine for two and a half years.
    Is it common to have ECM motor failures like this ??
    Motor assembly with controller is p/n 14B0037N05.
    Will I have to replace the assembly or can I get the the ECM controller separately? image.jpeg
  2. urthbuoy

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    You can google ECM Module repair. I've never done it, but a DIYr can have a go and save themselves a chunk of change.

    They are factory programmed to your units' spec's, so repair is really just replacement. And, nowadays, also includes the motor. So it is pricey.
  3. John McArthur

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    Thank you for your reply Chris.
    On these units the ECM control electronics is buried in epoxy like material.... no way to repair!!
    I have found the Climate Master part for sale between $500 and $800 US dollars, like you say pricey!!

    Also found the same motor but with an ECM control with a different software version, but only $200 US$.
    I am thinking it might be worth a shot, if the ECM is not compatible I would still have a good stepper motor.

    To me it is a 50/50 chance that my problem is with the stepper motor or the ECM control.

    Doses anybody have experience with ECM blower motor failures, like what is the more common cause of failure, the motor or the ECM control ??
  4. urthbuoy

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    It is always the ECM module around here. Easy enough to test the motor for shorts.

    Watch the startup. If the motor rocks back and forth on startup and doesn't progress further, it is the module.
  5. John McArthur

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    image.png The manual for the motor says I should see equal resistance for each of the three motor phases.
    I checked and I see 2.6 ohms , 2.9 ohms and 1.6 ohms. Not very equal. Is this bad enough to to be the cause of my problem with the motor revving to about 75 rpm and then quitting and trying to start again.?
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  6. docjenser

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    If it is 2.5 years old, shouldn't you have warranty on it? Call your installer...!
  7. John McArthur

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    My unit had a 1 year warranty on most every thing and I have a 5 year extender warranty on refrigeration circuit parts only. I have confirmed this morning with my supplier that the blower motor is not covered.
    Knowing I had no warranty coverage on the blower motor I took it out and found the internal coil wiring short.
    System has now been up and running for 3 hours .
    Actually have to make heat as it is cold here, which is crazy for this time of year.
    Very happy see the TZ running like a top again!!
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  8. PopPop

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    I have a Genteq (GE) 3/4 HP, Model #5SME39SL 0699 in a Fla Geo Heatpump (now owned by Bosch). I have 2 of these identical units in my home. I removed the fan motor from one unit, installed it in the other and it worked. One motor does the rocking you mention above, the other runs for a little while, then starts to make an alarming noise, then locks up, (Making a loud noise). I have found the same motor (Same model #, size, speed, etc). My concern is that they may be programmed differently and thus may not work. Is there any info on the motor that indicates the code? There is a number written with a marker pen on the end of the motor (450-120) and the 4 digits at the end of the model # (0699 in my case) may be what is needed to match up perfectly. Any advice will be appreciated. Getting cold here and need to get running soon.
  9. PopPop

    PopPop New Member

    Sorry, I used the wrong name. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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