Ohio E4- lower pressure / also E2-high pressure

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by don c, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. don c

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    Having an issue and while waiting for reply from a couple of service centers, hoped to get some info from the board - you have all been helpful in the past !

    Climatemaster tranquility 30
    Closed pond loop
    B&D pump station (2 pump station)

    loop field is 20plus years old
    Furnace / pump is 5 years old

    found the system running with no pumps ( fan only) with E4 error low water temp. One of the two pump running hot to the touch - replaced the pump.
    System still shows fault.
    check temps and had 50 degrees in and 24 degrees out - wow. though maybe the system iced up with the presumed low flow rate for the while.
    was told by my B&D service center over the phone that turning the unit on A/C should pretty quickly clear any poss ice out, but that then produced an E2- High pressure fault.

    My concern is there could be something else impeding proper water flow - which I would think less common than hardware failures, but replies to this post may beg to differ ?? :(

    One side note, I had posted in the past that we could not confirm what anitfreeze was in my (old) loop field. So I had it converted to methynol per this board general recommendation. That was last August and system has been fine until now. Running .986 ( 20Degree) protection. Loop field team had no data - other than educated guess on how big my loop field was, so that was the best they could do on mixture %.

    Running e-heat and getting colder out this week.... looking for next step advice as I am not sure how soon I can get someone out here....

    Thanks !
    Don in Ohio
  2. arkie6

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    Is your B&D pump station a pressurized system or non-pressurized system? B&D makes both. If it is a pressurized system, did you purge the air from the system when you replaced the pump? If you didn't, the pump(s) could be air bound and not moving water. Have you checked loop pressures at the inlet and outlet of the heat pump via the PT ports?
  3. don c

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    Thanks for the reply - this is a low pressure system.

    pumps were bled per the instructions from the retailer - not sure if they need done again. They sound as if they are running correctly to me. I would think they are trying to move water as I then get the E2-high pressure error with the A/C on ?

    I do not have ability to check system pressures. Is it possible that the change in temperature has an air pocket wreaking havoc ?

    I have calls into both the loop side and furnace side service centers.... not sure how soon with the change in weather up here they are gonna sched to be out.

    ... gonna have to get me a pressure tester .. :0
  4. arkie6

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  5. don c

    don c New Member

    Actually the fluid is almost higher than normal .... inch or two above the top elbow. I guess a poss air pocket ?

    will def get a pressure tester.... gotta love the internet !
  6. nc73

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    If you shut the unit off does the water level change by more than a half inch? If so there is air in the system. Since your level changed it sounds like there is air.


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