Pennsylvania DX quote/installer in SouthEast PA?

Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by DHughes, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. DHughes

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    I'm replete with closed loop system quotes. I have enough land to drill wells for heating/cooling the house area and still meet conditions of distance from septic and potable, but not quite enough for horizontal, most likely (according to one installer). I'm trying to get a comparative quote for a Nordic DX or similar in the area. I tried Nordic's (Maritime) page insntaller search option, but nearest one that they had listed was up closer to Poughkeepsie, NY, which is probably a bit of a hike for them to want to come down here to Bucks County. Anybody listening here who is in the Bucks, Delaware, or Montgomery county area that knows of a DX installer or has a DX system?
  2. docjenser

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    Remind me why you want a DX system over a closed loop water based system? How much area do you have for a horizontal system?
  3. waterpirate

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    There is an opus to DX here. Have you read it? You should. As a geo pro I would install a air to air system before I entertained a DX system.
  4. DHughes

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    According to the first guy (only one so far), the distance between potable well and septic including offsets from adjacent street would probably not be enough for horizontal. I have a total of 3 acres, but it's a long rectangle and the utility part of the house is closest to the narrow end, and couldn't cross the septic tank and line, nor obviously the field.

    I haven't seen the opus to DX yet. I'll take a look. I spent about 1-2 hours reading other forum items. I saw some favorable and some unfavorable.
  5. docjenser

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    I second this. But I admit it is my own personal bias. I am usually called when they fail and people want to see what options they have.
  6. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    So how much room do you have? Make quick drawing and post it here...
    Not sure why you cannot get around a septic line and/or a tank.

    Describe your house a bit and what your objective is.

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