Dump Well Not Accepting Water

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by bdfmddmd, Sep 3, 2014.

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    If a return well in my area over flows due to be a clogged/poor design I would begin by developing the well with air to unclog and see the production rate today.
    I would then try to put it back into service. If it still fails to except water, I would try a Paulus Flowing well cap or similiar removable plug ( if it's a 4" PVC) with a gauge installed to see the actual psi it's pushing back at me during the HP running cycle.

    Simply raising a well head is going to do nothing at all with pressurized water being pumped down a return well.

    If a well does not accept water... It simply does not accept water.
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    The point is that all well drillers are not experianced with geothermal applications of their craft. If the local talent that installed the well is not getting the required results, you should seek another local driller. Being fixated on well head heights and back pressure is still not finding the cause for the poor performance in the well. It is just quibbling over possible miss applications of band aids.
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    With all due respect, there is no less than 9 "if"s in my previous posts. The next time I will CAP & BOLD them. Maybe a review is in order.

    His well driller wanted to cap and I have suggested that should not be the go to solution until the well is tested for capacity to flow and determination of static and dynamic water levels. Until the OP or his well driller determines what the actual issue is by testing, all is conjecture.

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