Virginia Does anyone want to take odds on whether or not i can get a letter.

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    That sounds like water temps, I am wondering what the temp of the air leaving the air handler going into the ducts, should be more like 50*F and return air temps I would expect closer to room temp.
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    possible the air leavging the air handler is 50 to 52 degrees as its 56 24x7 coming out of the registers in most locations plus or minus 1 degree. When i isolated one of the two bedrooms upstairs.. the register air did drop to 49 degrees but it still never shut off after 2 hours.. which led me to wonder about the thermostat.. looking for a better way to more accurately measure the room temp now.. my wall thermometer is not that accurate.
    But my register air downstairs rarely drops below 59 degrees and it cools the downstairs just fine.. and shuts down 3/4 of the time..
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    if you're dumping 56* air from the upstairs unit, I'd say it's working well. Just a question of where you're losing all your cool air.

    I know I had significant gap on the return ducting in m attic unit. Once resolved it was a night and day difference.
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    Tommy you need to get one of the pros here to take a closer look at your setup. In-person of course.
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    I fully intend to get a new face (new contractor) in the pix once i get the Trane Rep to confirm that its not his equipment but the contractor who is at fault..
    However not holding my breath that the new contractor will have the answer as so far my original contractor has hired two other 3rd party (supposedly GEO experts) to solve my problem and so far nothing good has come out of it.. even after charging my contractor thru the nose for their 15-20 hours they put in... course all the shit they did had absolutely NOTHING to do with the problem.... and i told them that when they began.... and worse yet is one of the experts was recommended by the Geo Salesman base on the hi volume of GEO installed and serviced by this GEO expert over the years...

    Some of the pros on some forums tell me 24x7 is just fine as long as it keeps up.. (course mine does not even keep up past 80 outside. I can deal with 24x7 at 95 degrees but i ain't buying that at 76 degrees outside. And i am pretty sure the Trane Rep is not going to say 24x7 at 77 OAT is ok... if he does i will ask him why he falsely advertises GEO as electric bill lowers.. since mine is driving high.. LOL. My understanding is the installer is supposed to determine what size I need no matter how bad my insulation is.. and recommend fixing or upgrading the size to keep it from running 24x7 6 mos of hte year... and now i am wondering if it will be the same problem with heating on the coldest months of the year.. and if that is true it will now run 24x7 9 mos out of the year. While the lower unit continues to run 15-20 min each hour and keeps the temp and humidity perfect.

    But yes.. I will definitely be hiring a new GEO man when the smoke clears.. but it won't be with an outside recommendation, it will be by my testing him with simple shit like "Do you know the proper method to measure GEO water flow IAW the mfg.... " and so far with 2 GEO experts not one that has been to my site can pass that simple test.. Another really pointed question will be do you feel its necessary to change all my 3/4 inch pvc water pipes to 1 and 1/4 inch to get the back pressure down so that it will not cause the water flow to be so low that it will kick off the hi pressure switch of the compressor... besides if you think something stupid like that will lower the backpressure to the return well... skip that one the last expert already did that ... and I would have never allowed it if I had to pay for it.. but he was clearing all that expense thru my original contractor who was paying the bill and i just let them go.. and waste the time and money since I am ok with brand new larger return lines .. wont hurt a thing.. won't help either... but its all free....LOL.. I would have told the orig contractor that pipe upsizing was a waste of money but i had already told him that the water flow was not the problem.. so i got 100% all new SOV thru out.. and all new piping.. I am ok with anything new and god now it has so many new SOVs it can help in troubleshooting .. and water flow setting but guess what... every single valve is full open.. So what does that tell you about my water flow in GPM ... Nothing.. since not one of the knows that you must take the PRESS drop across the PT1 and PT2 and match it to water temp on the chart and read the GPM from the chart... and every one of the 11 SOV in my system are in the full open position... totally parallel with the line... so not one is throttling or controlling the water... but that is ok with me since the problem is not water flow.. with no control at all its well over mfg specs but that is not the problem and setting it exact may improve the efficiency a little but will not fix my problem..
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    Well looks like we are moving closer to an answer... and I can deal with it if Trane says that I am just a whiner and their system just cannot be expect to do what I ask it to do such as "Hold the heat at 75 when the OAT goes above 80... but my guess is they will kick ass and take names and tell the contractor what he needs to do to continue installing their products in the future..... especailly when he asks for such things as:
    1. Commissioning data...
    2. Manual J
    3. Manual D
    4. and other simple shit like what is the water flow set at rigth now?
    and they cannot answer a single question even when talking to the other two 3rd party GEO experts that my contractor paid for.
    5. should really be funny... will keep you posted..

    Mr. Tommy,
    Thank you for providing us with this information and we again apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your issue and documentation has been sent to the Escalation Specialist for review. They will contact you once they have a resolution to this issue.
    Thank you for choosing Trane, American Standard and Ameristar. We appreciate your business.
    Thank you ,
    Franki K.
    Trane, American Standard, & Ameristar Consumer Relations

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