Virginia Do we have any warranty experts in our group?

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    What i am wondering about is when someone installs unauthorized parts in a Trane I am sure the warranty will be void for that component.. but does it void the entire warranty and if said part is in the compressor housing.. does it just void the compressor package or the entire warranty.. My guess is entire warranty including in the airhandler... any thoughts...

    Here is what happened.. Immediately upon install my compressor package in the garage (split system) developed an internal leak in the water shut off valve.. The techs came out and instead of replacing the valve they opened it up and replaced the guts... now i know that is not proper but i was ok with it and kept my mouth shut since i hated to see a shade tree mechanic take a blow torch and cut out the welded in water SOV to replace it. I have done some soldering myself and i can make it look real bad.. (no leaks but just horrible solder job looks wise) so I was ok with the re-gutting... Yep next day developed same internal leak so they regutted it again.. still ok with that in the hope that it would fix it and not sure why it did not. .but it did not.. so now along comes a totally new 3rd party contractor (supposedly GEO expert) LOL.. and I thought was going to cut the valve out and replace it with the brand spanking new one that I know he can get from Trane... to my surprise when i visited the garage again expecting to see the biggest and worst solder job i have ever seen.. I was amazed.. no factory weld could hold a candle to his soldering.... I was impressed... however that did not last long.. I immediately noticed that there was no new valve.. but a nice shiny 3/4 inch copper pipe welded (beautiful solder job) in place of the valve and extending out the side of the compressor cabinet... (thank god they did not cut new holes) of course it protrudes out the original hole that the water pipe normally leaves.. then it turns 90 degrees and there is where i saw the brand new sparkling Rain Bird shut off valve... so he replaced the 300 dollar water shock reducing shut off valve with a 29.95 Rain Bird from Home Depot... Hey it works great and i no longer have an internal leak and the power turns it on and off as it should.. However i now no longer have a warranty.. Can you imagine me calling Trane a year from now and saying .. "Hey Trane.. get your but out here and replace my RainBird valve its malfuntioning... JEESH! Even funnier what if they had done that to the one inside and when the Rainbird failed and destroyed every carpet in my house you would play hell sueing Trane for a failed part that destroyed your house... So that is the reason for the question..

    And this is just one problem i have written over a 200 page report on these 3 companies..
    Are we having fun yet..
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    For me, my warranty is a phone call to my distributor and they fire me off a part - no questions asked. They do the paperwork for me.

    Some stuff is just easier to fix with local parts wholesalers though. I'm not waiting on a factory warranty capacitor to show up in 3-5 days when I can just grab one that morning. The client does not want to wait either. So warranty generally involves big stuff such as boards, compressors, and so forth.

    Your rain bird valve - no that won't have any warranty attached to it outside the good intentions of the installer. Trane generally won't care - especially since it is outside the unit anyways.

    But a homeowner typically will not get anywhere with warranty. It will have to go through the installer or someone that does this work.

    On a different note, you jumping to the future where you sue Trane for water damage would have me worried about working with you as a client.
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    The only reason the Water SOV is on the outside the compressor case is they took a torch and cut it out of the inside and placed it outside (that valve retails for around $390 bucks and they replaced it with a 29.95 special...) but my guess is they marked it up to $79.95 for my contractor... that is a guess since I did not see the invoice as it was not for me to pay. There is a difference in day and night in regard to calling Trane for at 2 dollar capacitor and a $390 dollar valve that now no longer has the shock absorbing action as it shut off.... its now a sudden slamming of the valve and causes my water pipes to rattle. The major difference is since Trane covers major interior parts and labor for 10 years i now have to pay labor and parts if that water sov fails in the next ten years. You may be ok with the $75 dollar arrival fee the $200 troubleshooting fee and the $29.95 valve marked up to $79.95 rain bird but it really pisses me off.. since this valve failed a year ago and they screwed around for two return calls changing the guts and now finally fix it and set me up for a $300-$400 service call in the future. (And the really funny thing is my original contractor paid for all 3 calls at I am sure premium rates since he thought he had the elite 3rd party.. at least the Trane salesman told him that... LOL. Since it failed the first day it was turned on Trane would have sent a new one and it would have been done in 1 hour vice dragging it out a year... and the contractor would have gotten a few bucks for the repair from Trane.. but the contractor had to eat that cost (3 times) and i am sure it cost him a bundle since it was done by a 3rd contractor that he had to call since his guys knew little to nothing about water to air. I am sure other companies doing sub work for an hvac company do not work for peanuts.. especially since this 3rd party was billed out by Trane Salesman as the top of the line... so due to his title GEO expert my HVAC contractor was probably paying him thru the nose. I think they call replacing a major functional and very important part with a factory replacement doing the job right... not the standard shade tree mechanic. Plus he could get a free part and a few bucks for his labor.

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