Disconnecting Waterfurnance DHW.

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    Maybe someone here can answer my questions. I have a 21yr old Waterfurnace premier II open loop. Although still working great, from what i hear its probably at the end of its life. It is currenty set up with DHW with a two tank setup (where both DHW in/out are both connected to the bottom of the dummy tank).I dont think the DHW is really working anymore, as i believe the dummy tank is probably 3/4 full of calcium buildup like the previous waterheater was that i replaced. It will not drain a drip. I dont believe the previous homeowner ever drained or flushed either tank. Anyways,I want to get rid of the DHW function and dummy tank and install a water softener where the tank is. Is it as simple as clicking the DHW switch to off, turn the valve off that feeds water to the DHW in the unit,disconnect the DHW in/out lines from the unit and plugging those holes? I would then remove the tank and plumb the lines to the new softener then to the water heater. Do i need to call anyone out to do any other servicing to the unit that is required to do this? Thanks for any help or advise you might have. Advise on future unit replacement brand etc. Would be helpful as well.

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