Texas Desuperheater Water not getting to buffer tank? plumbing?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KJW, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. KJW

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    Hello guys:

    I have an issue with my desuperheater pump not putting water into my marathon tank. I do believe it is plumbed correctly but the vacuum valve was left on the cold water input side of the marathon tank.

    System is a Bosch SM60. Plumbed into a marathon 105 gallon tank from the desuperheater into the drain. On top, I have cold water with a T coming into the tank and to the input side of the desuperheater. The marathon output side (hot) is plumbed to my condensing on demand Navien 240A. The tank appears to not be circlulating water from to the desuperheater. Could the vacuum breaker on the tank supply side be the issue? I will add pictures on the next post...


    20150114_231238.jpg 20150114_231323.jpg 20150114_231238.jpg 20150114_231230.jpg 20150114_231238.jpg 20150114_231323.jpg 20150114_231230.jpg 20150114_231238.jpg

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  2. ChrisJ

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    The Pros always say you must be sure to remove any flow restrictions from the cold water inlet because water has to flow up and out of the cold water inlet back to the DSH.

    I don't know how the vacuum valve works or if it would stop the reverse flow.

  3. AMI Contracting

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    Might be better off to draw us a plumbing schematic, can't really tell where any of the pipes are going in your pics.
  4. KJW

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    Here ya go. Rough drawn. Sorry, still unpacking and things are crazy here... see diagram. 20150115_100913.jpg
  5. KJW

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    This is how I was told to plumb it... no valve on the tank side. Funny thing is this morning it is full of hot water. Maybe it was air locked? Screenshot_2015-01-11-01-40-52.png
  6. TheDude

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    There are many diagrams of Desuperheater setups that are incorrect. This is just one of them
  7. ChrisJ

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    Never mind, 2 threads about same thing.
  8. KJW

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    yep. my bad. I screwed this post up and put it in the wrong place... sorry...
    THANKS for all your help though!

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