Ontario desuperheater pump feed - AC or DC

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  1. bill41

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    Hello Everyone: I'm trying to attach a toggle switch to the desuperheater (DSH) water pump on my WaterFurnace 300A11. There are 4 wires, one blue between relay and pump, one pink running from pump and connected to a black wire that runs to the copper piping (water flow) that is likely a sensor or a ground, and another black wire that runs from the copper piping back to the board. All wires have the same amperage when the pump is turned on, but the original switch for turning off the DSH pump is non-functional.

    I'm planning on putting a toggle switch on the blue wire as inactivating that wire shuts down the current in all 4 wires (blue, pink, 2 black).

    I can't tell if the current through these wires is AC or DC. I understand you can't mix AC switches with DC current which can cause overheating and possibly a fire.

    Does anyone know whether the DSH water pump runs on AC or DC current?

  2. geoxne

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    See attached schematic. The pump and wiring is 230VAC. Your new switch should use the 2 wires going to the old switch. Series3DSH.JPG
  3. bill41

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    Thanks geoxne.

    That's a big help.


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