Desuperheater hot water getting into cold water faucets

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    Well the contractor returned and added a secon hot water heater tank and plumbed per Water Furnace specs. There is a significant improvement, but I am still getting residual heat through the cold water faucets. Anybody got any ideas?
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    Well...did you put in the check valve to prevent thermal siphoning?
  3. Solved for some single tank applications successes - nearly-stopping all thermal back flows since early 80's using full flow on-demand hot water heating and later the small desuperheater hot water generators with this:

    Thermal-Trap, dropping HW feed-line (u-shaping a 12ft adder) from GT HW source to below the inlet/outlet-both openings, using convection effectually eliminating unwanted flow (and if not using a back flow preventor for some reason in the CW inlet, where I put up with spring-loaded over failing swing checks , or oversize the swing check to a 1" dia.. --- found swing checks leak heat backflows EASILY as a superheater hits over 150 degrees anyways.
    The slightest debris frequenting well systems feeds as well as city feedwater (hardness or anything) keeps a crack in the swing checks.
    and with (-agreed- single-tank problematic, usually.; especially with inspectors wanting 130f even and always 125f out of the HW tanks, always for reducing bacteria build up) but
    all single tank apps T-in feed at the TOP with simply a spring-chk on CW feed added to the OEM drawings I follow of the Hydro-Temp Corp. who patented Heat-Reclaim (100% in Cooling mode) Priority HW "instant" in 1981, and had to arrive at solutions with single tanks over 30 years ago.

    Single tank DeSuperheatings solutions have frequently been solved with a tempering valve many others writing here have used and written about.

    Have you seen the Energy Star ETL listings of the club of only 4 (3 actually) GT Variable comprerssors ( only 4% more improved over dual compressor three staging systems ? ) Bristol's VStar compressor claims over 6 years field testing. ClimateMaster-Carrier/ to have available also, but board issues seem to hold up WF.

    ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013: Geothermal Heat Pumps : ENERGY STAR

    AHRI raw data low-med speed majority in a blended result (most running hours: as high as 42.1 EER fits the field results, WF was 41.1; CM 40.5; Trane 40)
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    ......He's Baaaack.....
    "Single tank DeSuperheatings solutions have frequently been solved with a tempering valve many others writing here have used and written about."
    Not so. What others hear have written about is the folly of DSH without buffer tank.

    Let old threads die. If not try to stick to the point. Why are you prattling about energy star and efficiency in a conversation about hot water back flow?
  5. HI j, you can always move on to question mode more, and RELAX!

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    Quick update. My contractor returned and replaced our upstairs shower faucet and the hot in the cold lines problem has been resolved after 9 months of troubleshooting. I now have two months of electric bills since the contractor added the buffer tank and am realizing significantly lower electric bills as a result. All in all the experience has been a real test in patience. Thanks for all who provided me with advice!

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