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  1. Looking for others that use HAP and GLHEPRO to design ground heat exchangers. We are primarily a mechanical and electrical engineering firm with 10 years of geoexchange experience. We are now starting to provide design and installation services.

    I'm looking forward to using this forum as a place to exchange information, experiences, and ideas. It's just the think I've been looking for.

    Steve DiBerardine
    Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc.
  2. Today we ordered the GLD software package to compliment the GLHEPRO sizing software we had been using.
  3. Eric D

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    How is the designin software working out for you? Are you required to take soil samples as part of the data input or does it give you a range based on a table within the program?


    Eric D
  4. Both programs allow you to make assumptions on ground thermal conductivity using tables. For larger commercial vertical projects we always require a formation thermal conductivity test (FTC). The FTC test allows you to accurately design the ground heat exchanger by providing thermal conductivity, diffusivity, and deep earth temperature. It also provides a drill log for other contractors to use in preparing final bids.

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