demand water heater retro-fit for Climate Master 27 ?

Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Applications' started by martyg, May 14, 2012.

  1. martyg

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    In April Climate Master announced the release of a new model (CM40) with on demand hot water heater. Does anyone know if they will have a retro-fit for existing systems, maybe just a new circuit board?:confused:
  2. engineer

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    I very much doubt it

    On demand hot water requires an additional refrigerant to water heat exchanger able to accommodate the compressors full output flow. In addition there would be dedicated refrigerant valves and a completely different control scheme.
  3. martyg

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    CM27 retrofit

    Thank you for that insight, I won't hold my breath. When I made the decision to install GSHP I wondered if they would turn out to be like computers with a better, faster model coming out every year. Still I am extremely happy with my GSHP and have no regrets or second thoughts:)
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    Hybid units are decades old and historically problematic. In the last half dozen years or so major manufacturers have begun to try them on suggesting greater reliability, but I am not convinced it is the best way to go in most circumstances.
    As far as heat pumps changing as fast as computers, they are older than Uniac and bear strong resemblence to the original. The single biggest difference IMO is the use of circuit boards.
    Multi stage and variable speed units show advancement with the times but none represent a computeresque leap in light years from one year to the next.

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