Virginia Dehumidifier, Climate master tranquility problems

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Damien Sanchez, Jul 5, 2015.

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    I just had a new system installed in December, we have a 6500 sqf home, I have two units one is a 5 ton the other a 3 ton for the upstairs and we have 3 400 foot wells. It's closed loop.
    The units cool great, they are not doing much with the humidity though. I'll have the temp set to 70, the rh will be 59% and I have the rh set to 45%, upstairs is worse, I have it set to 45% there but it reads on the thermostat being 64%. I have a dehumidifier running and the rh reader on that said 81% so now I don't know what to think. I had the fan set to on for circulation but I just switched it to auto to see if that makes a difference, I have had the installers out several times I feel like I'm getting the run around. Is there a problem with these units for dehumidification?
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    Is any duct work run through uncondisioned areas? (Possibly leaky and pulling humid outside air in?)
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    I have heard the pro's say that it's not good to run the fan on constant, when the compressor stops the fan reintroduces moisture into the house.

    Run time is important, if a unit is a bit oversized it will cool off and satisfy the tstat too quickly to remove humidity.

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    8 tons for 6500 sf may be the problem. There are selections on your equipment to slow blower speeds, which will help. Also make sure you aren't upstaging quickly.
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    Have your installers configured the dehumidification mode? I know WF and assume CM when using the recommended Tstat will slow fan down and allow temp to go 2F below setpoint to dehumdify for set time or certain time let hour
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