Daughter says make the pipes quite!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by hardchines, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. hardchines

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    I finished my storage / boiler room off last year so my daughter could have a art room. I have installed my geo. systems in the same room, she was happy to hear she would not have to listen to the oil boiler anymore but is now saying the water in the pipes is noisier then the boiler. I think she is right so I built a enclosure that mounts around my flow control valves and flow meters, it helped but the 3/4 copper pipes are still amazingly noisy going in and out of the enclosure. So does any one know of something I can wrap around the pipes to quiet them down? Pipe insulation does very little to help with the noise??:confused:
  2. geo fan

    geo fan Member Forum Leader

    two questions , could there be air in the lines?
    do you know your GPM?
  3. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    No air in line
    3 gallons per minute.
  4. geo fan

    geo fan Member Forum Leader

    What I would do is pick up a bunch of foam tape , wrap it around the pipe spiral like a candy cane , zip tie each end , then get get some 3/4 wall pipe insulation go 1/4 bigger then the pipe to accommodate the foam tape . If after that you still have issues your having pump issues that is just transferring though the pipe
  5. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    Foam tape??
  6. geo fan

    geo fan Member Forum Leader

  7. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    thx ,sorta what I was thinking, I would love to find out where to get the dense sticky black tape used inside the geo systems on their pipes!
  8. marcob

    marcob New Member

    I have a similar problem- the system is retrofit WW with old fashion cast iron radiators. The noise is less and less as you get further from the unit but can be heard throughout the house.( minimally upstairs) The oil furnace is still there for back-up ( needed when the temperature drops below 0 F)- no noise with the oil. I concluded it is transmitted from the compressors and other components of the system ( not from the unit "vibration" ). Insulating the pipes made no or little difference to the noise ( but it did help preformance !) . The installor thinks he can put a special noise reduction pipe just outside the unit - these apparently exist for refrigeration. I wait for his answer- anyone been able to takle this issue ??:confused:
  9. hardchines

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    I built a sound enclosure out of plywood and mounted it to the wall over my flow controllers, solenoids and flow gauges , this has drastically reduced the noise from the water pipes , this may not be source of noise in your system but I thought I would let you know.
  10. Mark Custis

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    They make

    antivibration hoses for isolating compressor noise. Last set I got came from Comfort Maker.
  11. Geotech

    Geotech Member

    may be to much

    Hardchine it sounds like you have an open system if this is true then you should reduce your water flow to 1.5 to 2 gpm it will also increase your effiecinces. The reason I think you have an open system you did not mention a flow center.
  12. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    Yes it is an open system and I am running at 1.5 GPM @low system pressure 30psi and the flow gets up to just under 2 GPM at pump shut off pressure of 50psi. I used 1/2 gate valves after the flow meters and solenoids to control flow rates, the gate valves are the source of most of my noise, I installed a enclosure the other night and this has drastically reduced the sound of high pressure water coming through the valves, more work to do but it is not bad now.Thx

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