Damper delay on WaterFurnace?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ian Pitt, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Ian Pitt

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    I had my existing HVAC system retro-fitted with a WF5 and Intellizone2 controller which re-used the furnace/blower control and existing dampers. The original Honeywell controller allowed for damper close delays because the blower had a purge function. The Intellizone shuts the dampers while the blower is still running which leads to an overpressured system for a minute or two ( and a howl from the unit as air tries to escape).

    Does anyone know if the Intellizone 2 can be programmed with a close delay? There's nothing obvious in the basic thermostat menus. The dampers are powered open/shut EWC MA-ND5 units.

  2. Ian Pitt

    Ian Pitt New Member

    I took the external hardware approach and assembled a 24v AC-> 12VDC adapter and a time delay relay device to introduce a programmable delay to the damper close. The control unit sends the 24VAC signal to close which powers up the circuit board and the onboard relay opens. After 60 seconds, the relay closes and the damper also closes. That allows the purge cycle to run on the blower and then the damper shuts. All because Waterfurnace apparently don't have a firmware controllable delay time.

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