Ohio Cph problem with Honeywell Prestige SD

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Drew k fossen, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,
    I’m new to this form. My wife and I recently built a new energy star home in Ohio. We installed two climate master two stage geo units a three ton on the first floor and a two ton on the second floor. We had pro1 t900 thermostats and from day one I was not happy with the stats. With the swing setting as low as it would go being .02 of a degree the house still felt hot and cold. It never felt like a constant temp. Both units performed very well on the pro1 stats but just didn’t feel nice. I recently bought two Honeywell Prestige Sd thermostats off eBay and installed them.

    My first question is cph I set both thermostats to 1 cph and the temperature control setting to less aggressive. The unit has been cycling on and off every 10 mins. Is this normal?

    My second question is does it take the prestige thermostat some time to re program? Last night I reset them both to 1 cph on all three stages and it’s still every 10 to 12 mins on and off. When with the pro1 stat it would run for about 30 mins one first stage and be off for 30 to 20 mins. Can someone please help me out. Am I missing something?

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