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    Having continued pump problems with my vertical self contained loops.
    I have had several pumps overheat and lock up. At least eight pumps, usually two at a time. The last time the factory would not cover under warranty do to contamination. The loop water is very black and seems to have an odor. It's a very heavy almost oily substance that will settle to the bottom of a jar. The wells were sealed with ( beninite ???) came in a bag, Clay like substance. Anyone have any thoughts ?
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    Sounds like the loops got dirt/clay/bentonite in them during install. We had a loop like that once. Very, very fine grit sediment. It took several days for it to settle out sitting still in a jar. We had to completely flush the loops with fresh water until it ran clear, then add the required amount glycol and re-flush
    loop. Our loop contractor had to pick up the cost for that one...

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    It is a easy fix, just time consuming and costly. Re-flush and purge, replace anti freeze.
  4. West, these guys absolutely know of what they speak, but I always like being the pebble in their shoe. Mark and I have seen similar "icky" stuff that is not caused by bentonite contamination but by stuff growing in the water. Before you spend that money, try, go to technical services at the top and choose system health check. They'll test the water used to fill the loops and the water in the loops now. At very low to no cost. We've never failed to have them give us the right solution. If its the water and not bentonite, just flushing and refilling will only solve the problem temporarily.

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