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    Geothermal unit has water constantly running through system even when not calling for cool or heat. New to these systems not many off these in are part of the country being used and I see one every 5 yrs or so. I'm not sure we're to start
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    Figure out how the water pump is controlled.
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    If it is closed loop with circulator pump-
    -Pump should be wired to run with compressor. Typically with a 240v pump wired to load side of compressor contactor. If it is a 120v pump it will need a neutral or a relay.

    If it is open loop with a 24v valve-
    -Valve should be wired to 24v run circuit on compressor contactor. If valve is wired to "Y" call, water will run while unit is locked out and unsatisfied. If there is an end switch on the valve, check to see if it is stuck closed.

    If all else fails start tracing wires and check for shorts and voltage. Factory wiring diagrams will help here.

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