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    Eastern NY, 2400 sq ft house, currently oil at 4.50 a gallon, Base board hot water system and central air. Which would be the best altermative . using the hot water baseboard system or the central air ducts.

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    The Air ducts, a Geothermal system can't heat up water any hotter than 120F, typical baseboard heat requires 160F. Geo isn't compatiable with baseboard heating systems. Even with using the air ducts, they may need to be modified, Geo system tend to use larger ducts, but I've read that it's possible to install something inside the ducts to increase the flow rate of air the ducts to make up for the difference, but it tends to make for drafty conditions in the winter.
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    I figgured as much, my office has an air exchange heatpump and uses the same ductwork


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