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    Hi All,

    I've recently received a couple of proposals for installing GHC at my home, I'm a bit confused by the proposals, I've contacted the potential contractors for clarification, but I thought I'd reach out here as well.

    Contractor A: Did not provide any kind of reports. Initially proposed a 3 ton WF Series 5 indoor split (#NDZ038*110CNN0AA) with Amana 80% furnace. The total price for that was $18,822 + $7,200 for well drilling. I asked them to revise the proposal to an all-in-one unit, so I could compare more accurately to the second contractor (and I'm partial to all-in-one, because there's less equipment). The revised proposal came back recommending a 4 ton system (NDV049H111CTL0BA) that includes optional DSH. The total price is $22,153 + $9,600 for well drilling.

    Contractor B: Provided a Loop Link report, for what it's worth (I feel like it's a bit gimmicky o_O). They proposed a 3.16 ton WF5 all-in-one, their proposal indicates the unit is NDV038, with no other identifying information. While the rep was at my home, I had inquired about DSH option for hot water, but space is a limiting factor for me, and it wouldn't make much sense where I'm located (outside of DC), since it's a heat dominated climate (I might have it wrong), the cost doesn't make financial sense. Based on that, I'm assuming they're proposing to install a (NDV038101CTL0BA). Their total cost is $33,466.

    I was quite surprised to see a higher price for a lower capacity system that doesn't have the DSH option, that makes no sense to me. Does the total capacity of a system affect the price? I assume it does, but not by much. Also, does anyone know what the DSH costs?

    I hate that all HVAC pricing is hidden. Anyway, if anybody has some insight they'd like to share, I'd appreciate it. Of, if you'd like me to clarify anything.
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    A bit more information:
    Contractor B informed me that the system they are proposing is NDV038101CTL0DN. That signifies the Aurora Performance & Refrigeration Package, which is required for use of Symphony Web Link. I think this explains the proposal difference. Contractor A proposed a system with the Aurora Advanced Control and no Symphony Web Link (which they have as a $715 option).

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