Pennsylvania Condensation on liquid refridgerant line (split system)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by jkeyser14, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Our builder installed a Climatemaster split system. We have condensation dripping off the liquid lineset (smaller diameter refrigerant line) in the attic, making a good sized puddle in the drain pan and wetting the attic insulation. The builder says the condensation on the liquid line is normal but offered to wrap the lineset with some tape to help insulate it.

    Is this actually normal for a split geothermal system? If it's condensing in my attic I'm worried it could also be condensing in the wall all the way from the basement to the attic and growing mold.
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    I was having a similar problem with a trane geo..but tampering with water flow has stop that nasty drip.. but its still at room temp and i am used to the liquid line being warm or hot to the touch.. Is it normal to drip.. I find that hard to believe but the mfgr may be the guy to ask... that would be ridiculous to have to wrap the fluid line and the gas line... too... but you are right if its condensating at each end you can be sure its condensing in the middle.. I did run across someone today who claimed to be a GEO expert.. (right) and he told me as long as the fluid line is slightly warmer than the outlet water temp you will be ok.. and mine is just a tiny bit warmer than the water temp coming out.. but i still have my doubts about it.. and have a Trane Rep paying me a visit for other problems and i will ask for his opinion and see what he says...if you find the real answer please post here the smarter we get the more dangerous we become..LOL.
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    I emailed Climate Master and they wouldn't give me an answer. Instead they said they would ask their local distributor to try to contact our builder. I have zero confidence that will happen...
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    True i have found that the factory hangs with the contractor and for good reason you and i maybe buy one a century the contractor buys maybe 50 a year.
    But if i don't get some answers i will be extensively reviewing all over the world Trane and my contractor..
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    Assume the builder will wrap with insulation tape and not just tape. Maybe a reasonable approach.
    -Likely you have a vented attic which would indicate hot/humid air in the attic space. With constantly flowing water (humid air) there will be condensation on cool lines.
    -Linesets would be in more of a conditioned or semi-conditioned space in the wall. If interior walls, they're much closer to room temp and humidity conditions. If in exterior walls, they'd be somewhere between interior and exterior temperatures. Reasonably acceptable construction will not have major air (read moist air) leaks into wall cavities. Is there any place you can observe the bottoms of the linesets in wall for indication of dripping?
    -Ideally they'd be insulated full length, but it may not be too problematic. Really depends on detailing of where the lines run and wha you're normal temps and humidity is.

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