Quebec compressor noise when cooling

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    Homeowner question about a problem that's solved for now but on which I'd love to have more background: this summer the geothermal unit (4-ton, closed loop) started having compressor noise when cooling at low speed. Cooling at high speed or after running for a while was fine. The noise was a gurgle/rattle similar to a compressor starting up, but ongoing.

    The technician who came to look at it tried a couple of things and then decided to throttle back the loop flow, curing the problem instantaneously. He thinks the gas was being cooled too quickly, entering the compressor as a liquid and causing the noise.

    So the short-term solution is to reduce the loop flow during the summer.

    My only problem with all of this is that, according to the waterfurnace manual, operation at 45F ewt and 12 gpm is entirely normal, and nowhere near the "do not operate" figures. Is the extra noise acceptable at some operating conditions ? Is it damaging the (scroll) compressor ?

    Thanks for any input you can provide !

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