Ontario Compressor lock out and installation questions

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    ok, you can isolate the loops from the geo unit via the 3-way value on the flow center. You will need to get the parts to connect hoses to the flow center and you will need a shut off value on one of the hoses. Since you have isolated the loops, you will only need to have to worry about flushing all the air out of the pipes between the flow center and the unit. From what you are describing that should not take all that big of a pump. (flow velocity > 2 ft/sec)

    As you were saying, isolate the loops, open the circuit and drain the liquid into a clean garbage can. Replace the unit, reconnect the pipes, etc, and start flushing the inside pipes. You will need to add water (and/or antifreeze) to the garbage can so you have enough liquid to flush this lines with. (I assume you already have some sort of antifreeze in you lines, so you need to be sure you don't dilute that solution too much) Once you are satisfied you have all the air out of the lines go ahead and close the shutoff value on the hose to build up some pressure in the system. At this point switch the three way value and then turn off the pump. This should have built up a few psi in the line. Check the line pressure via the Pete's port and if needed you can always add more water via the Pete's port to get the pressure to the target value. (You always need to take care to NOT introduce any air into the loops. So any hoses you use must be purged of all air before hooking them into the closed system.)

    I'm sure you can find a youtube video that explains it better the this ;-)..... but feel free to post additional questions. (If you let air get into the loops you may find yourself needing a bigger pump then you have on hand.)

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