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  1. powerhouse1960

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    We just built a building with a geo loop and a small boiler in the loop and nine 6 ton fhp
    the temp runs 43, out and 42, back in from the field.
    The boil is set for 42 and runs at 20% all the time is this right?
    What should the temps be?
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    do you have antifreeze in the loop?
  3. Mark Custis

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    I am going to guess that this is a hot loop cold loop style water to water HP system. In the AM the guys on the east side are cooling as the folks on the West side are heating. So the building owner hopes to not have any utility bills as the East West factions balance and all the owner does is power the loop pump.

    This rarely happens so they add the boiler for cool days. We have a great engineered system like that in downtown Cleveland. Great building, great idea, but the pipes are to small to handle the required BTUH here in Cleveburg. The result is at -15*F they close the building.

    I did not do it, but learned the sad true, trying to keep my customers and their customers warm. That was in my youth, if I need a 10' 'glass ladder call the young guys/gals to carry it to where I need to go.
  4. powerhouse1960

    powerhouse1960 New Member

    Yes at 30% 3 of the units are in the attic
  5. powerhouse1960

    powerhouse1960 New Member

    No its water to air only in fact they put in separate gas water-heater for domestic hot water

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