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  1. This may be a little bit off the beaten path for this forum, but I always like to mix things up.

    We do a lot of water-to-water geo and often install UNICO hi velocity air handlers with chilled water coils. We installed a geo to radiant system over the summer using the UNICO product. Surprise, surprise, the advanced control board came with its very own USB cable.

    I've read comments here decrying the computerization of the HVAC industry. Don't like change? Build yourself a cabin in the woods and live off the grid (just don't expect geo to run off your storage batteries). Yeah, lots of us are old(er), but we need to embrace this ever expanding technology - our customers are.

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    And Oh, BTW, this site needs an app.
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    The Communicating world is truly upon us. I recieved an email yesterday from a thermostat that my customer had not reached set point in 3 hours. I discovered the PC board was not activating auxiliary heat........
    I knew something was wrong before my customer.
  3. engineer

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    Was that an Eco-Bee?
  4. docjenser

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    Sure sounds like an ecobee. I really like those toys too, and they become more than a toy.
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    sorry, I am declining the invitation for anymore edumacation and AM building a cabin in the woods. I just did throw away my VCR that had the time blinking since I purchased it. The new micro wave has taken over the VCR's former duties is now blinking. I prefer my world to remain a little more kinetic and less cerebral. lol
  6. AMI Contracting

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    Sorry fighting a flu......
    Yes Ecobee.
  7. Jerry_NJ

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    How much time to "set point" does the logic/program allow? You mention 3 hours and still no aux (resistive) heat. What if one changes the set point by 5 or 10 degrees? Wouldn't that cause an almost immediate activation of the aux element(s)? My old Water Furnace will allow me to step up the set point a couple of degrees without activating the resistive heat, but I have noticed it has cut in aux heat for short periods when running in stage II for some time, much less than 3 hours. I have observed too that the aux heat supplement is cycled, or maybe the set point is reached and I just haven't watched close enough.

    I'd like to have a thermostat with a lot of manual overrides, that's how old fashioned I am. I really don't like the control logic having full control. I'm sitting here my my wood stove insert with a nice 500 degrees on the case and the geothermal HP off, just in circulate mode. The HP has been off since just after sun set and will remain off until about 2 AM when the wood fire burns too low to hold the house above the set point.. now that's really old fashioned.
  8. Go into the installer/ setup program and set it the way you want. You should be able to over-ride anything. If not get a new thermostat.
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    The ecobee has quite a few set-up options. You can set the auxiliary not to come on above "X" out door temp which can be monitored either by Wi-Fi on national weather service or by hardwired temp sensor. You can also program how long you want it to try to achieve set-point without auxiliary and set a delta T for aux. activation.

    Mind you I don't oversize equipment so auxiliary heat is expected to run with my designs.

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