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    Hello, I've been lurking for about six months and now have my problems I think, lined up . Bosch ce-035 heat pump, Rheem protera gen 5 80 gal. hpwh, ecobee ems si stat . Bosch running good , Rheem dumping 4500 btu's in my 9x13 two story sun room,in winter the glass and water heater cool down the sunroom and push the Bosch to 2 stage ,the return from Rheem is high on second floor wall in sun room, but by 8 pm all the stored heat fades away, insulated glass,no way to add more mass. In summer 4500 btu's of cooling is welcome .I am reddy to put buffer tank in ,20-30 gal., and fine tune the run times on the hot water heater. House heats it's self in winter from 10 am to 5 pm when sun is shinning . 2 people , r 19 walls-r-38 celing, 2,700sq. feet . Thank you all for any ideas . Bobby Mac .

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