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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by geome, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. geome

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    Are all coil cleaning solutions created equal? What product have you had good experience with?

    Something with a long shelf life would be best as I'm only planning to clean our units when needed and not start a HVAC company. :)
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  2. geome

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    I see alkaline and non-acid. Products for condenser or evaporator, and both. Items for fungus, mildew and bacteria (none of which have been observed, but would any of these be good as a preventative measure.) All colors of the rainbow!

    Water Furnace, can you offer specific product guidance as well?
  3. WF_Inc

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    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical assistance to homeowners for liability reasons. We suggest you contact an HVAC professional to have the coils cleaned. However, if you wish to do this you can find product information from your local supply house, or on the internet.
  4. geome

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    WF, can you say if there are any products that should not be used (I would not want to void a warranty)?

    I'm not looking for how to instructions (I could see that being a liability concern), just an appropriate product class (i.e. something like evaporator cleaner, no acid, purple :) If you can't answer, I understand - no hard feelings.
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  5. waterpirate

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    I have spent most of my life cleaning coils/exchangers of one type or another. Most are for cooling fluids, some are for cooling or heating air. My favorite solution for all is spray 409 cleaner from the dollar store in the biggest container or two that they have. It has been my experiance that 409 and a little patience will clean and remove: dirt,grime,grease,cat hair, Mrs. pirates hair, and all sorts of other crap. The fact that it is relatively inexpensive and non toxic or caustic is all good stuff:)
  6. WF_Inc

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    Unfortunately, WaterFurnace has not tested any cleaning agents on our coils. As the manufacturer, we do not service equipment; therefore, we would suggest you discuss your options with the servicing contractor. They will be able to tell you what products are safe to use.
  7. geome

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    Thanks Eric. I'll ask about 409 since the unit is under warranty. I was originally thinking of Simple Green, but read on their web site that it may not be good for aluminum.

    WF, will do. Thanks

    I found this product.
    Nu-Calgon: Products: Coil Cleaners and Sprayers
    If anyone has opinions on this company or product, comments would be appreciated.
  8. moondawg

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    Correct, Simple Green = NOT GOOD FOR ALUMINUM. This cannot be overstated.

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