Delaware CM TE-30 064 Fine tuning ?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Ralph302, Feb 22, 2019.

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    Hi, first off I'm a newbie to the GHP world. After reading a ton I'm still wondering if my unit is setup/programmed for optimal performance. I'm located in Delaware and I just had installed a CM TE-30 064 unit w/HWG with 3 wells with a depth of 250' each, pipe in the wells is 1.25" and the lines to the unit are 1.5" (approx 100 to the unit from the wells) with 20-25% methanol. The house is a 20 yr old 2 story with about 3000 sq ft of conditioned space, the infiltration rate (ACH) : 0.40. It seems all programmable settings were left at default, the only one I've messed with is the blower speed. Which I increased while keeping an eye on the leaving air temp (typ 92-94 degree range) so I didn't cause a temp drop due to too much air flow. The status photo was from Jan 30 @ 8p, a very cold day in Delaware (temp prob high teens to low 20's). The thermostat was set for 70 degrees, no set backs. My question do these reads seem to be the norm? Are there other settings I can safely tweak to increase performance/efficiency? Thanks in advance for your help and comments.


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