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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by modar33, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. modar33

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    I have a reoccurring issue with my closed loop system that's restricting flow and causing poor performance and cold children (their bedrooms feel the reduced flow first).

    The issue is on my radiant circulation side where a Wye 1" strainer with .4mm stainless mesh screen clogs with what I think are mineral deposits (pic attached). I've been noticing reduced flow in my circulator loops about every 4wks and pull the filter to find it nearly plugged solid. The filter is on the output side of my Geo-Stor tank prior to entering the distribution manifold. I filled the system with good 'ol city water 3 years ago. Living in the rainy part of Washington I checked with my local utility and verified that the water is 100% reservoir fed and the mineral content is low. No additives were introduced. The system runs at 100-115F and about 45psi - although I've boosted the pressure several times after finding it running 10-15psi.

    I have an identical strainer on my ground loop side but that one never clogs. It runs 35-50F depending on the time of season and 40psi. That system has antifreeze added but was filled with the same city water.

    Question is: Do I need the strainer in this system? I'm only pulling minerals out of solution and depositing them on the strainer (I think...) or should I be concerned about deposits in my water-to-water heat pump too? Is there something I'm overlooking - water additive; drain & refill w/ distilled water; different filter??

    I welcome all advice and/or questions! Thanks in advance.

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  2. urthbuoy

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    What type of antifreeze is in the system?

    edit - Sorry. I think you are talking about the radiant (load) side of the unit? If so, there are a lot of amendments available to add to your system. Pure water being a poor choice.

    But no, you don't need a strainer on the load side (or the supply side for that matter).
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  3. modar33

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    Yes, it's the radiant side that's causing trouble. So taking out the strainers is your recommendation? Easy fix. Any guidance on selecting the right additive for the radiant side if one is needed?
  4. urthbuoy

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    The manufacturer of the amendments will often receive samples of solutions to make recommendations on amendments. But the easy one to check yourself is the pH. Take some strips and see where your pH is at.
  5. geoxne

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    Be careful here. Some w2w HP's have brazed plate heat exchangers that require a minimum #30 mesh strainer, such as Climatemaster TBW and Waterfurnace NDW.
  6. modar33

    modar33 New Member

    Thanks for the caution geoxne - it's a Climatemaster TMW060 with a coaxial heat exchanger so should be good without the strainer. I added strainers when I installed the system just for good measure.

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