Climatemaster Trilogy 40 Availability and Cost?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by JFLame, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. JFLame

    JFLame Member

    Does anybody know when the new Trilogy 40 will be widely available? As I understand it they are in the field but not publicly available.

    I've been reading a bit about this unit and the year-round hot water just seems like one of those, "why didn't this happen sooner?" ideas. Not to mention the variable speed technology.

    Right now nothing is pushing me to install a geo system, so I can afford to wait if this newer technology is worth waiting for.

    If anybody has some information, please share. Also, if anybody has prospective pricing information (differential above the Tranquility 30 would be all I'm looking for) it would be interesting to know how much this unit will cost over a current Tranquility 30 offering.
  2. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I carry Climatemaster heat pumps and do not expect the 40 to be readily available to us for another year. Our company will then wait an additional year until or so until we are satisfied that reliability is there.

    So if you were my customer you would be about 2 years out.
    If you wish intellizone you will have a harder time finding a CM/WF dealer.

    "on-demand" hot water is not a new idea. it is an idea that is often plagued with trouble. At the very least you are employing the most expensive appliance in the house to do what is often the work of the least expensive appliance in the house.
  3. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    One of the knock-on effects of variable capacity systems will likely be that the thermostats and zoning components will be proprietary to each more mix and match.
  4. My2014Trilogy

    My2014Trilogy New Member

    I just got my Trilogy install as we speak. It should be done and operational tomorrow I hope. They have work on the install for 3 days already. I am very excited because I have waited for 2 years already and installer told me last week the shipment got deliver to his shop. This is really high tech and high risk unit only made it available just now. i have videos available. Let me know. Thanks
  5. SeekingAdvice

    SeekingAdvice Member

    One of the two installers I have talked to mentioned they have a Trilogy 45 on order that they will be installing in their house this month, they hope.
    The product is available (at least to order), and hopefully will be installer ready before July. I wonder if WF will drop the price of the 7 series to keep demand high (if the trilogy claims to be able to do everything the 7 can, and more).
  6. My2014Trilogy

    My2014Trilogy New Member

    It is available because I have mine running since this past Monday, June 2nd. It is great unit. I set the cooling at 70 degree and runs at 30% capacity of the compressor. When hot water demand, the compressor run at 50% taking the heat from the house cooling and put it in the iGate Smart Water Tank. The hot water was set at 120 and I have 4 people taking hot shows one after each other no problem without backup heat element turn on. I was very worry the hot water won't keep up the demand but concern is over now. Best of all I can adjust any setting over the internet because the thermostat is WiFi enable and there is a app for Android and iphone. The install is very clean unclutter because the variable flow pump is build-in the unit. No external flow center. I love my Trilogy...

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  7. kinglerch

    kinglerch Member

    What is the cost difference between the models? Efficiency is only nice if it doesn't come at a significant higher purchase/maintenance cost.
  8. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    No thanks,

    I can size machines, the loops needed to support the machine, duct work sized to do the job and the control system needed to make all of this work.

    Why would I let a manufacturer chose a pump for me? What do they know about how I size and build loops. Do they know what piping I install?

    They do not.

    They are building a one size fits all machine. It comes in different sizes so they do look at what the load might be. I wonder who will measure the load.

    I am with Joe, not yet.

    2014 let me know what is going on at the next polar vortex. I might like this new machine, but I might not like it.

  9. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Mark a variable speed pump that monitors and maintains by Delta T is hardly a 1 size fits all.
  10. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    True enough, but why do they come in different sizes?

  11. kinglerch

    kinglerch Member

    No one knows how much of a premium the Trilogy costs?
  12. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Not without a few phone calls.

  13. SeekingAdvice

    SeekingAdvice Member

    The more I read My2014Trilogy's post the more I think they are a company rep.
    If this were a real Geo customer, I would think they would be back to brag about how great it is, or ask for help.
    Regardless of my assumption....
    Any word on the Availability/Pricing of the Trinity45?
    I am still 99% sure I am going with the Waterfurnace 7 series, but that doesn't mean I can't windowshop the Trinity.

    Any installers get info from Climate Master yet? or get any requests from customers?

    I guess I am just too nosy.
  14. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    The Trinity 45 is available to CM elite dealers and in limited quantity. They seem to be dipping a toe in. I doubt you have a CM guy posing as a consumer. Lest you forget CM still sells more resi units than the others, they don't need to manufacture enthusiasm for their products.
    The original communicating boards had a few bugs to work out and my guess is that was true of the 45 as well which has delayed the launch. Fine with me, I take no joy in repairing brand new equipment.
  15. SeekingAdvice

    SeekingAdvice Member

    You are much more experienced here than I, so I will take you word that CM has better things to do, I just found the couple of quick posts, then nothing questionable. (There was a lot of bragging in those posts, braggarts usually don't loose interest so quickly.)
    On to something useful (to me at least). I thought WF claims to be larger (more sales) than CF. Am I using old data? or is WF larger, but CF's residential division larger? Please note, I am just curious about companies claims, not trying to start a "who is better" war.
  16. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    CM has been around longer so they have sold more units (resi and commercial) other companies may have better quarters or years here and there.....much like all have the highest efficiency (depending on the sample employed).

    Brand bundling (merger or buy out of different lables) will also allow creative accounting on number of units sold.
  17. My2014Trilogy

    My2014Trilogy New Member

    I have this new unit for two months and and very happy with the performance. The hot water is full time hot water even the geo is not running can supply ful
    I have this unit for two months now and very happy i
    I have his unit for two months now and very happy. I have waited for two years for this to come out. It produce hot water full time even the
    I have waited for two years for this unit to come out and mine was install in June. Its been very good with full time hot water in 85 gallons tank i have set it at 120 degree even the geo is not running. The geo runs most of the time at 30% capacity and sometimes it runs at 50% if hot water or cooling in high demand. I can't speak of the cost because it is really up to your negotiation with your installer and the cost of the installer getting from the ClimateMaster dealer. Mine installation with a 6 ton vertical ground loop, two bore holes each 450 feet down and 60 feet apart. The Trilogy Q45 is 4 ton system. Original contract was 5 ton. Since this unit is new and they have only 4 ton. 5 ton will come out later might be next year, not sure. I was afraid 4 ton would undersized but installer did several recalculation with different companies to assure me the 4 ton will handle my heating and cooling demand. He told me 4 ton would be better because the system will run at low capacity instead of turning on and off all the time during heating and cooling. My house is around 3500 square feet. So far during these two months of cooling the system did what it suppose to do. I did not have any problem or maintenance issues yet but like I say, I am so glad I got this system. There is no looking back and I stand by my own decision this is the right unit to get. I was thinking in the beginning between the Water Furnance Series 7 or this ClimateMaster Trilogy Q45. Series 7 cannot produce full time hot water. The flow center is built in the unit and there is no need for external bulky flow center for the loop. The install is very clean. Installer took out my natural gas water heater. He told me there is no need for that gas water heater no more because that 85 gallon tank will be the only tank I need. 5 people taking shower one after each other no problem with the hot water demand. No need to wait for the hot water to recover like my natural gas unit. The unit is really, I mean really silent. I'm standing next to the unit and I cannot even tell the unit is running because I simply don't hear any noise or vibration at all. There is an app you can download for iphone or Android that can trouble shooting the unit. The unit came with an WiFi enable Ecobee thermal-stat. The themal-stat is programmable in many ways and I can remote access it any where with a computer or an app you can download on your phone. Installer or ClimateMaster can remote diagnose or trouble shooting the unit if there is any problem. They can remote into the system if you give them the pin number you set at the for security. I live outside Philadelphia close to Delaware border. If anyone interested come see my unit, you're welcome and I'll be glad to show you or you can email me Hope this help.
  18. StepUp

    StepUp New Member

    Hey My2014Trilogy,

    Wow, sounds like you are happy with the new system!

    I am in the middle of getting quotes for the Trilogy 45 for our home as well. I have some questions...

    1. They put in a 6 Ton vertical well/s. Are you only using the 4 Ton T45 system or do you have a split geo system in your attic as well for your upstairs? (I have a two-zoned house. Our T45 will be in basement handling the basement and main floor and the split system air handler will be in the attic taking care of the 2nd floor.)

    2. How have the utility bills been? Is it has good as the projected cost the the CM Geo dealer forecasted to run the T45 system?

  19. RunTime

    RunTime New Member

    Is is it possible to get the IO manual anywhere? I am interested in the Trilogy Q45 2 ton but I would like to see more detailed capacity information and of course more details of the installation than the brochure on the website provides.

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