Pennsylvania Climatemaster trap leaking water

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    Hey folks, got a climatemaster Tranquility 22 installed beginning of July. So far so good, except I went down today and there was a large puddle of water about 6' diameter next to the unit. My guess is the P trap that is on the front of it overflowed? When the installers left and the unit was functioning fine for a few weeks, there was no water in the P trap. Now it seems full, and there's some gunk in it. There is a brush there that I can use to clean out whatever gunk, but I am confused at what the P trap is for and why there is water in it now when there wasn't for the first few weeks when it was running hard to cool down the house in July. Is this the likely culprit for the large pool of water on the floor? Also, what is the gunk in there? Attached a pic of the P trap. Thanks in advance!

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    The water trap keeps air from being sucked into the Unit at the condensate tray drain. The condensate drains out and the air is sealed out from the Unit.

    That's an elaborate trap for sure. If it wasn't filled with water by the installer, the air may have been moving into the piping causing the dirt to form "Something" that is now in the water.

    I used 3/4 inch pvc to make a trap and drain then used tygon hose as the drain tubing to the basement drain so I could see the water moving.

    Clean out the tray, and piping then refill it with water for the rest of the cooling season. It should be OK assuming the trap is piped to a drain.

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