Climatemaster Tranquility 30 Digital

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by jbabic, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. jbabic

    jbabic New Member

    Greetings, first post here.

    I would like to gather some feedback on the Tranquility 30 Digital. Any info on installation, operation, and especially reliability would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for providing a forum for discussion on ground source systems - I've learned a lot here.
  2. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    A recent change in distributors has reunited me with CM and while I have installed many T27s I have only installed a few T22s and no 30s (yet).
    Cheap electricity and relatively modest requirements have many of my customers selecting the less expensive systems.
    I like the idea of the built in "snap-shot" trouble shooting capability of the 30s and 22s but have had no occasion to test them yet.
    Doc and recent experience has me leaning toward non-presurized flow centers, but that is not a good option with these systems as they have built in loop pumps.
    Climatemaster in general has always been a first rate product, but as always, not many of the pros around here suggest that there is only one good heat pump.
    The difference between a T27 and a T30 (or even a 22) in my AO are very modest (as far as operating cost).
    T22s are smaller and fit better in some of our old farm house basements.
    Hope I helped.
  3. jbabic

    jbabic New Member

    So, no one here has installed a Climatemaster Tranquility 30 Digital series unit, or even know of any out there?

    I guess that makes me the guinea pig!
  4. DJV

    DJV New Member

    I just purchased a TT27 - and they said the new Digital 30;s were not our untill mid January.

    I did not have the time to wait and also did not want to be a guinea pig for any growing pains they might have.
  5. jbabic

    jbabic New Member

    Interesting comment because I had one (TE30) sitting in my garage for a month.

    My contractor ordered one through his supplier, and it was delivered to my home while his crew drilled in the backyard. The inside crew who would install the heat pump was running several weeks behind the outdoor crews.

    During the delay my contractor ran into problems with another TE30 install and asked that I reconsider a TT27 (which is now called a TT30.)

    In the end, a 4 ton TT27 was commisioned with a Honeywell Prestige thermostat and is approaching it's first month of service. The old gas water heater was kept as storage for the desuperheater to feed the new electric water heater. The drilling crew reported they found shale 8 to 16 feet below the surface and on down (seven loops at 150 feet each.) I have no problems to report.

    It is not what I wanted, as I do not want to buy a furnace that is soon to be superceded by the next model. My contractor emphasized that the TT27 has an excellent track record and the TE30 is unproven.

    I don't want this to sound like I am criticizing Climatemaster or my contractor here.

    That was the basis for my post seeking input from others. I wish that I could report on the TE30 Digital, but a
  6. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    In this business, it is better save than sorry. Good call.
  7. jbabic

    jbabic New Member

    To finish my thought: but alas.

    Thanks again. I don't reckon I have much to share here but if there are any questions about my install I'd be glad to answer as best I can.

    Best regards.
  8. JC115

    JC115 Member

    So does anyone have experience with the TE 30 ? I am considering installing one in my home soon.
  9. Delta T Jr.

    Delta T Jr. New Member

    Not sure about the TE 30, but I believe it is the model they used to call the Tranquility 27. If it is the digital model with the internal loop pump or modulating valve (for open loop) STAY AWAY!!!! I have installed a few of the new TZ 22 Digitals and they are a nightmare. I believe the 22'sand the new 30's in the digital model have the same control package, It has serious problems. Stick with the Tranquility 27 with the external pump pack and you will be fine, the newer units need more R & D.
  10. JFLame

    JFLame Member

    I'm curious what issues the on board variable speed flow centers are having? I had a quote for one of these, but went with Waterfurnace instead.
  11. eaerhard

    eaerhard Member

    I know this is a couple months old but I was quoted an install using the TZ22 on my new construction home and I am curious as to what sort of problems were encountered. You said they are a nightmare with serious problems, can you elaborate?
  12. Calladrilling

    Calladrilling Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    We have seen a few of them installed and have seen no issues. This is maybe an isolated issue, or install problem.
    I just disagree with the 1" ports on the flow center inlets, and the access to the flow centr valves. Other than those very simple things I would not have any complaints on the ones we've been apart of installing.
  13. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    How about the purge port being a few inches away from the electronic control board. Who ever designed them never put one in, and never spilled some water.
  14. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Shakes head in disbelief
  15. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Yes but the circuit board can be swung to the side if no other plan comes to mind. By and large I like the changes.
  16. Homebrew

    Homebrew New Member

    I just had a TE 30 installed to replace my old unit. Went in a week ago. I don't yet have the DSH hooked up, but so far it's been fantastic. It's been pretty temperate here, so I'd say it hasn't really been stressed yet either.
  17. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Keep us posted.

    I am still not ready to pay big extra bucks for a pumping system that I have not sized for the unit and the loop system. If the pump is of an ECM type why should I pay more for a one size fits all, and dial it down?

  18. Homebrew

    Homebrew New Member

    I'll definately keep you all posted. I hope this isn't inappropiate for this forum, but we were originally going to go with a TT27. The installer has done many of those and is familiar with that unit. His distributor asked him to go with the TT30. Said they had a bunch of these in the warehouse and were pushing to get these units in the field and offered it up for the same price. Evidently, everyone has been somewhat hesitant to be on the front line with these. So, I decided to go with it.
  19. TowPro

    TowPro Member

    In your first post you said you had a TE30 installed, but here you talk about a TT30. I am following this thread because I am pretty much sold on the TE30.
  20. Homebrew

    Homebrew New Member

    Apologies. I meant TE30. I haven't messed with it a great deal yet, but pretty nifty to be able to check out the loop temps, etc. from the communicating thermostat.

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