Indiana Climatemaster tranquility 30 2 stage

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Christopher Powers, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Christopher Powers

    Christopher Powers New Member

    Hey guys. I bought this house only 6 months ago or so. It has a tev049bgd06nlts system. Appx 2 years old. Has been great overall. Never even used aux heat in the coldest depths of winter. Located in northern Indiana. Open loop.

    2 concerns, maybe related?

    1 is I got an lt1 error when we were out of town for 1 day. Was fairly warm outside 50s high. Manual talks about a filter or strainer and we do have rust filled water. I can't find this to clean it. Any advice here?

    Second is a newer sound, last month or so. At some point in the heat cycle. Not right at sart, or at finish. There will be a water rushing noise that culminates in a pipe bang. It is in the basement and I have yet to catch this intermittent problem happen when I was down there. Suggestions?

    Thanks guys, will try to post a video if I can catch of the pipe bang.
  2. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Here is some good information on LT1 lockouts when using modulating valve on the TE30 - specifically page 47:

    It appears that you want to install a 30 PSI regulator on the incoming side. The modulating valve will not close below 50% at that PSI setting. According to the documentation, the GPM flow is erratic or hard to regulate below 50% closing. The manual also states that LT1 and some other inputs are disregarded for the first 120 seconds of compressor operating, so warm/cold water in your holding tank should have no effect on lockouts.

    I am having a TE30 quoted this week. I currently have a 17 year old WF Premier and with the tax credits I am leaning towards replacing it now since we are remodeling also. Also plan on a constant pressure pump upgrade and will install the pressure regulator as well. Even my WF could benefit from the pressure reducing valve since the Taco valves are noisy above 50 PSI or so anyway.

  3. Christopher Powers

    Christopher Powers New Member

    Thank you for the detailed info. I do not see any pressure regulator in the line. Will have to look further into it. Though I am hesitant to made a change since it has been running so well.

  4. warmbrus

    warmbrus New Member

    I have similar issues/concern and would appreciate any comments. I have a Carrier which is made by ClimateMaster and I believe is same as the Tranquility. The Carrier model is GT-PX 50YDV049KCK301. It is a 3 1/2 ton with scroll 2 stage compressor. Mine is an open loop (pump & dump on a well). The pressure switch is set 30 psi to 50 psi. When the water pressure is near 50 psi it sounds like cavitation in the Taco 556 control valve. Another issue I have is that I have had two heat exchanger (water to freon) replaced. I am thinking my well water is eroding the piping and heat exchanger. Does anyone have info on external/indirect heat exchanger sizing information. Thanks.
  5. nc73

    nc73 Member Forum Leader

    Get a pressure reducing valve and that should solve the sounds. Is your exchanger cupro-nickel? Copper will wear.

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