Pennsylvania Climatemaster Tranquility 22 possible weird behavior

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by cwb124, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Tranq 22 with closed vertical loop has been in place since early July. Cooling has been flawless since we fired it up. Week or so ago I turned the heat on and it seemed to work fine. Since then I've flipped between cooling and heating a couple times as its been anywhere from 45 to 80 degrees here.

    2 nights ago we had a bad thunderstorm and some brown outs while in cooling mode. Walked past the thermostat and it was red with a High Pressure Fault code. E2 -> High Pressure. Cooling wasn't really working right and when it was running, EWT were around 90 degrees so I know things were out of whack. So I turned it to heat for a little while then back to cooling. Same issue. High EWT. I killed the breaker for the unit and waited a few minutes. Turned it back on and set cooling to 2 degrees below just to make sure cooling was running. Ran normal and EWT was back to normal (around 60 degrees) for about half an hour so I was satisfied. Before we went to bed, we set the unit to heat and 68 degrees because it was going down to 35 overnight. The heat ran fine and we went to be comfortable. My 5 year old woke me up around 3am and I noticed the unit was running but went back to bed. Woke up and the unit was still running but the house was holding at 68 which is what it was set at. My wife texts me today that she set the heat to 64 because it was getting warm in the house and the unit continued to run for an hour, maintaining 68 degrees. What could be this issue? Thermostat? Related to the high pressure fault? System about to explode?
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    Climatemaster units are a problem. You need deep pockets to own these systems
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    Do you have the power to your unit on a surge protector? If not, I would suspect the thunderstorms and brown outs may have damaged your control board since that directly correlated with you seeing an issue. Do you have any fault indicator lights on the unit control board?
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    You are new here so I have given you the benefit of the doubt. I understand you are unhappy with your CM system. We are a forum to help people and share positive information. This comment does neither.

    Have you talked to your installer about your issues? How about the regional CM rep? The 1-800 number for the CM tech support?
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    This is a pretty old thread Im sure the OP is gone. Our Climatemaster got in a funk after a power failure. It was like it was running at half speed from the sound it was making. I shut it off for a couple minutes at the breaker and never had the issue come back.
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