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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by llaforest, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. llaforest

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    In the quote I am given for the ClimateMaster TZV048AGD06NRTS, they are giving me the option for 300$ to get the diagnostic tool that plugs into the heatpump to program it or get the error reports and other unknown informations.

    Does any one of you knows if it is worth to have it?

    In the same field, what is the amount of information the heatpump can show on a ClimateMaster thermostat?
    In comparison, does a 3rd party thermostat like Ecobee will show less information?

    By information, I mean the flow rate, the entering and leaving water/air temp, pressure drop, fan speed, etc.

  2. docjenser

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    The tool is meant for the installer, not the customer.

    Ecobee will not show (at least does not now) flowrate, water temps pressure drop or fan speed.
  3. llaforest

    llaforest Member

    I am asking because my country house is far from everything and it can be hard to get someone to look at it for me when a problem occur.

    If Ecobee doesn't show all the info, does ClimateMaster's thermostats do it or not?
  4. urthbuoy

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    None of it will show the loop flow rate/pressure drop. At least none that I've heard. Mainly due to the inhibiting costs of digital pressures. This typically eliminates them from a residential market.

    Monitoring controls usually limit themselves to temperatures (water, refrigerant, air) and electronic on/offs (run times, stages, etc.).
  5. frankpc

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    First post, so I'm far from the expert here. I've been researching this a bit myself - CM Igate thermostat vs Ecobee.

    This link shows you what the CM Igate will do:

    Scroll down to page 12 to see system actual temps and pressures. One of the experts here needs to verify for you if this is real or just a nice Marketing idea. The downside of CM Igate today is that their Internet connectivity is a future.

    Ecobee has, IMHO, a nicer and easier user interface. The remote data gathering is more manual where available (remote sensor) - they don't have a direct Igate comm link. So you get less data and no control.

    Really interested in what others think .... and my appreciation to the folks here. Probably the single biggest resource helping me decide on a GSHP.

  6. llaforest

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    OK then,

    Is there any more feature a ClimateMaster thermostat can do on a ClimateMaster furnace?
  7. llaforest

    llaforest Member

    Sorry frankpc, for some reason I didn't see your post before posting, I will read the pdf you talk about...

    But if anybody has something to add, please do.
  8. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    So, if the t-stat gives up the data, do you know how to make the system work more economically?

  9. llaforest

    llaforest Member

    Hehe, well I will ask you guys what I can't figure out!! :p
  10. docjenser

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    No much to see in terms of pressures. They should be able to show refrigerant pressure, at least Waterfurnace does it in their refrigeration package, but no loop pressure drop.
  11. llaforest

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    frankpc, do you have an idea of price comparison between the two beasts, I know Ecobee can be found easilly around 300$ what about the CM IGate one? It is pretty advanced!

  12. frankpc

    frankpc New Member

    I don't know that either :) Ecobee charges extra for their add ons too, so I don't think we're at apples to apples. docjenser makes a good point about refrigerant pressures too. I've only had a brief discussion with a local geo guy - he likes the Ecobee, I get the sense that the Igate is a bit too much of a technical tool for many of his customers.
  13. llaforest

    llaforest Member

    Since I plan to split the house in two equal zones, I suppose there is no point going with the IGate thermostat... I won't get all this info through the zone controller anyways. So depending on the price, I will buy the diagnostic tool to have access to all this data and connect an ecobee on the heatpump. When I install the zone controller, I will just add another ecobee and I will still be able to read the data trough the diag tool.
  14. zacmobile

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    From what I recall at the ClimateMaster pre-release seminar is the flow will be viewable on the thermostat, I don't know about pressure drop though, i'm pretty sure they use something along the lines of the Grundfos flow sensor doohickey that is found on solar systems.
  15. frankpc

    frankpc New Member

    Correct - the Igate thermostat reports EWT, LWT, GPM and fan speed. So you have enough data to do a HE/HR calc and verify operation within design parameters for moving BTUs. The prezo at the website also shows the Grundfos pump for the Vflow.

    llaforest: The diag tool reports the same data, so you would have the info you need for a basic health check.
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  16. llaforest

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    Hello, I ordered the diag tool with the pump(347$). Reason is simple, I want to be able to monitor it and fine tune it over time plus I will need zoning so the IGate thermostat is not an option since there will be a zone controller between the thermostat and the heatpump...

    If anyone of you has a good advice for zone controller for ClimateMaster TZ series, I would appreciate. The system will be splitted in two identical zones. Maybe I will ask in separated thread for visibility though...

  17. TowPro

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    the estimates for the climate 30 digital I want to buy include the Igate thermo for just under $200.00
    I had a long talk with my local distributor, he said to be sure my geo unit was manufactures after 12/12 so I got the a DXM board which had a (needed) software update on it.
    He also said they have an IP (Network interface) board that was close to release. I assumed it plugged into the port on the DXM and had an RJ45 connector on it. I hope they don't do the IP from the thermostat. Its harder to run CAT-5 to the thermostat then it is to the unit.

    I think I understood the sales lit. to say the Igate thermo remembers the recorded conditions during an error, and the customer can read the outputs off the thermo to help the repair man diag the system over the phone (so he knows what parts to bring). Just keep in mine, Garbage in, garage out. I have read several post on the Internet about temp sensors going bad.
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  18. llaforest

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    Yes I have read such posts about the temp sensors as well. Though I have seen a paper regarding this on Climate site, so I assume over time they got them better to reduce these costly returns... I have been told as well that error reports are stored and can be accessed with the diag tool, not sure if the thermo does the same but why not, they are both probably an exact copy of the same PCB with some different firmware...

    If what you say is true about the cat5, it would be nice indeed. Since my order will be ready in about 9 weeks, I assume this is because it has to be built so I hope I will get this release you're talking about about dxm2 board!

    By the way, if you want we can compare our prices together, I know I got a good price on the pump but I never asked a quote for the 30, I hope I won't regret!
    PM me if you like and we can exchange some information as I think we are not allowed to publicly show our prices...

  19. AMI Contracting

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    Different color.

    There is no ban on talking price however the pros here tend not to because there are so many things that impact price. The cost of real estate for a supplier in NYC may raise a heat pump hundreds of dollars over what I pay in Howell, MI.......

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