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    Some have you have been following an earlier thread where I had a ClimateMaster VT060 acting up. Since then, it's been diagnosed with a bad compressor control board on the stage 1 (A compressor) side. It's the older CCM board from the late 90s. My unit has two of these--one for each compressor, plus the blower control board.

    So the good news was we found the bad part, the bad news is my local service company said their distributor wants $1300 for the boards I need ($350 for the one, $990 for the other.)

    Can anyone help me find them cheaper? I don't have a problem paying for the install, but that's absolutely ridiculous for two circuit boards. It's my understanding they have already been upgraded to the DXMs.

    The CXM upgrade "kit" part number per ClimateMaster's wesbite is S69822929.

    I would really like to know what it contains because I found a CXM board for under $100. This is the board that combines the blower contol and the compressor control all in one......17B0001N01. What confuses is me is where the second compressor is controlled from as it only has one set of pins for the safety lockouts.

    Any help or guidance to a parts distributor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your help and support trying to diagnosis this thing.

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