New Jersey Climatemaster 30 2 Stage Squealing/whining noise

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Dputz, May 4, 2018.

  1. Dputz

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    Climatemaster 30 tranquility 2 stage
    I have a climatemaster 30 and i hear a loud squealing/whining noise. It gets to the point where we hear the squeal from the basement in our kitchen. It appears to be in the area of the HWG In and HWG out pipes. Any ideas?
  2. geoxne

    geoxne Active Member Forum Leader

    The HWG pump can make sounds like that if it is run dry or air bound. It can be disabled by dipswitch to see if it stops.
  3. seawater

    seawater New Member

    Climatemaster makes a cheap unit...the cost to repair the unit will be very high. What you save on heat and cooling you will pay a lot over time.
  4. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    Mr. Seawater, welcome to the forum. Do you have any constructive advise for these fine people? People that come here with an issue and hope to get some ideas for particular situation.

    If you don't mind, from a fellow Rhode Islander, could you start your own thread, in it please tell us all what happened in your situation.

    Thanks, Chris
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  5. seawater

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    ChrisJ on open loop geo system water quality is important and most heat pump manufactures set the scale of water quality. The internals of the heat pump will fails if the water is bad causing loss of freon in the system. The regulation and permits need to report water quality. The geo well drillers etc. keep no records of water quality, however the state should require this regulation to be tighten to protect the consumer under their licenses. At the present time there is not requirement for this to happen. My advice is to check your water quality for any open loop system. If you have a problem the manufacture, etc. will not provide any assistance.
  6. waterpirate

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    Mr. Seawater,
    Thank you for the info. Did your hvac installer discuss the water quality standards required by the manufacturer prior to install? The cheaper upfront cost of a open loop system vs. the long term reliability of a more expensive closed loop are often ignored or glossed over. Which is your situation?
  7. seawater

    seawater New Member

    no the water quality was never gather until 7 years later when the pumps started to leaks of major amounts of freon.The 5 parties involved never shared the data
  8. seawater

    seawater New Member

    You are correct a closed loop system would have burn the way to go, however I would never put in another geo system again.
  9. Jamesck

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    Mr Sewater don’t let a poor install influence your opinion on Climatemaster or geothermal. Many of us are thrilled with the performance they give and the savings that are achieved with the geo style system. A poor installation will ruin even top of the line equipment.
  10. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Which is why we emphasize that the quality of the installer is way more important than the equipment itself. Geo is not a commodity!
    Which is also the reason why a very good installer will never use equipment with quality issues. You can't run a successful business if you spend your time repairing low quality geo systems.
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