Pennsylvania Climate aster TE30 vs Tx20

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    I am currently in a position that I need to replace my geothermal unit and am considering two different units. I am trying to determine If the cost of the upgraded Climatemaster TE 30 is worth $1750 more than the TZ22. I am basing the my decision on the timeframe to recoup my upfront cost. I live in the eastern part of Pennsylvania and my home is roughly 4000sf including the basement.

    Any suggestions on which unit to select would be greatly appreciated.
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    $1750 minus 30% tax credit. I assume that it is 2 stage versus 1 stage. payback should be around 6-7 years, since you should save about $150 per year. Very much ballpark here.
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    Closed loop or open loop? The TE30 for closed loop applications includes the internal variable speed loop pump. I just looked up the specs for the TZ22 and it also includes an internal variable speed loop pump. Do you need to replace your loop pump? Both units use 2 stage compressors and variable speed blowers. There doesn't appear to be much difference between the units other than the TE30 having a higher efficient rating of 5.0 COP vs. 4.1 COP for the TZ22.
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