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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Applications' started by woodbutcher, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. woodbutcher

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    I bought a Bosch 4T geothermal system with an American Standard airhandler and thermostat ACONT800 (touch screen programmable). It is mounted on the wall just outside my master bedroom, and when it calls for the unit to start up or shut down, it clicks loud enough to wake me up. I asked my installer to replace it with something else, but he says it is the best model on the market and all thermostats make that clicking noise. I've owned and used at least 6 different models of thermostats, and most made no noise at all. Is it likely that I would be able to install a different thermostat to operate my equipment correctly without noise? Are there certain features a new model would need to operate this unit? I read in another post that listed a Prestige thermostat. Would one of those be compatible?
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    Hard to believe what some people will say to get out fixing a problem
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    I have an Ecobee and love it. It has an interface board that mounts next to the equipment so the clicking doesn't happen at your thermostat and there's no nosie unless your t-stat is right next to your unit. Plus you can control your t-stat with your smart phone or any computer with internet access.
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    I employ the Ecobees as well. Modern thermostats that aren't communicating employ relays. While some are louder than others your best bet in making the noise go away is a communicating thermostat. You can look at the Ecobee or Honeywell IAQ or anything else that uses 4 wires or less.
    You can educate your contractor or make the change your self. Understand these things can cost 5 times what a standard 3 heat 2 cool stat costs.
    Good luck
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    That looks to be a Honeywell 8000 series rebadged by Trane / American Standard. How old is it? I can say from personal experience that [my] early (2007) Honeywell 8Ks are a heckuva lot louder than what we install today...These days they are almost inaudible.

    The one in our master bedroom definitely gets my attention now and again, but as an HVAC guy, it is to me the reassuring sound of the system doing its job, not an annoyance. It's a bit like differing perspectives on military jet noise - is it a nuisance or "the sound of freedom"?

    At any rate, I do sympathize with your complaint and believe a newer Honey 8k will resolve matters at a fair bit less complexity and expense than retrofitting a communicating system atop what is already a bit of a frankensystem (Bosch / American Standard)

    Ironically, older thermostats were truly inaudible - a bimetallic strip arranged in a coil changed the pitch angle of a glass ampoule containing a dollop of mercury which would make or break a control voltage circuit by rolling to one end or the other of the ampoule as caused by the change in pitch. Quite nifty, but it is no longer acceptable to have several grams of mercury in a consumer product. There is a special bin at the local Carrier warehouse into which we chuck old mercury stats.
  6. woodbutcher

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    Thanks for all posts. Curt, this thermostat is only a year old, and I think you are right about it being made by Honeywell. It makes me feel better to know that thermostats are made without mercury now. I guess I'll live with it. That reminds me, I have an old thermostat with mercury in it. Are there any disposal options for homeowners?
  7. ChrisJ

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    A lot of state or local govs have recycle events a few times a year, could probably drop it off.

  8. Cain

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    I have a honewell 6000. Been in use for a month. Last evening started clicking like the old novelty clicker toys. Doesnt do it every time the hp kicks on....sooooo should i replace it or not... I can live with clicking. Just not having this thing fail and causing serious issue
  9. Bergy

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    Have you checked the batteries?
  10. GoHuskers

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    I have the FocusPro5000 (non programmable) and it makes that clicking noise everytime the systme on/off. The first one lasted about 2 months and installer replaced this current one (3 months now) and they both make that noise.

    If I want to replace it with an ECOBEE, how easy can that be done - Brandnew HVAC, NO battery in the t-stat? 3H/2C is a must.
  11. Cain

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    I have been listening to my thermostat now since November. I have gotten use to it and other posts would indicate this isnt an indication of failure so I am ok with the click. I also called Honeywell and they said this was normal ? I digress another conversation about quality and highlights of said quality when things were made in the good old US of A. and we were allowed to make things with the best material for the job like Mercury that never made it to land fills cause they never broke - mercury switches inherently are almost perfect by nature. My old thermostat is 20 yrs old...
    it seems to me the ECOBEE still may click its just the actual control box ( clicky thing with contacts ) is placed close to the unit - " if a tree falls in the woods" so out of ear shot out of mind? I may replace mine if anyone replies and tells me of a thermostat with solid state technology that isnt a fortune to purchase. good luck.

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