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    I agree.

    However, in the real world, "zero" and "infinity" are kinda tough to quantify.

    As a uP geek (rather than an electrician) I instinctively think of 10 kohms
    as being much closer to a short than an open. I can't imagine calling it an
    ohmmeter if it can't handle at least 100 milliohm to 10 megohm.

    ...if that requires a separate DMM, I wouldn't gripe too loudly,

  2. geome

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    To wrap up this thread, I decided to buy a mid priced clamp, a Fieldpiece SC56, since I wanted the extra features and I didn't want to spend $265+. Found it new/delivered for $195. Should get it today. Not bad reviews even on HVAC talk (except mainly for probe storage which should not be a big deal for me given infrequent use.)

    For anyone that has a clamp without an "AC Line Splitter", check it out. It enables you to test any 120v plug in item with the clamp. I thought I "invented" it 2 nights ago, but discovered that someone already beat me to it! :) At $11, it's probably cheaper and safer than I could have built myself.

    Sincere thanks to all that contributed.
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    I also purchased a hvac clamp meter for my project. And its good and has amazing features. you can also try this once. thanks.


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