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    My LDPG cost

    I bought the following in July 2010.

    Flow Center Products:
    Two (I bought a spare) 1/8" gauge adapter GA125 = $22.22 ($11.11 x 2)
    Shipping was $12.66.

    From Dwyer:
    Pressure gauge DPGW-08 - $89.00
    Stainless steel pressure snubber PS222 - $22.25
    Shipping was $12.50 total for both Dwyer items.

    Total was $158.63 with shipping and an extra gauge adapter.
    You will need some Teflon tape to put it all together.
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    Eric, how do you buy online?

    The page that I saw said you had to buy from a distributor.
  3. zach

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    thanks, very helpful
  4. waterpirate

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    I saw some pages for online distributors on the side bar of google when I did my search. I have a box of them I liberated from a closed loop job that were about to be installed because the installer was looking at the wrong picture in his install manual:eek:, lol.
    If you need one I will sell online:p

    Cannon water technology inc.
    visa,mc,diners club ect.
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