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  1. Calladrilling

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    2-18-2013 installed p/t ports with new new temp probes installed and calibrated.
    outside temp 34 degrees
    thermostat set at 71 degrees

    start up:
    ewt 51.7
    lwt 59.6
    30 min run:
    ewt 44.2
    lwt 38.7
  2. Mark Custis

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    I think you typed the numbers backwards for heating on start up. I am hard pressed to think you are cooling this time of year.

    I think, as I said on this thread before, your system is in the range of the manufacturer published numbers for operation. Your flow might be a little low, but if it is not broken, do not fix it. The tables I see want 4-6* F in heating, they never say +/- X%. Look at it, but alteration and intervention are not required for this system at this time. MHO.

    As you stated at the git go on this thread you wanted to know HOW to get good real time numbers for EWT and LWT. You have had them since you started. I am sorry you spent the time and money to check your first impression. Now you know.



    ps. Call me if you want more.
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