Chances of FED being reinstated

Discussion in 'Tax Credits, Rebates and Incentives' started by Kone, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Kone

    Kone New Member

    Looking to replace my WF (I know, day late and 30% short :() and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts or info on what chances are the federal credit would be reinstated. Thanks.
  2. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

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  3. Kone

    Kone New Member

    Thank you, sir. At least there's a small amount of hope. The actual change to the bill seems to indicate it'd be retroactive in some way to Jan 1, 17.
  4. Curtman333

    Curtman333 New Member

    95 cosponsors now (51Rep/41Dem)... when does it move on to the next step?
  5. reb214

    reb214 New Member

    I could really use this credit to come back! I started my new home last year, but am just finishing now. I have a WF 7 Series just getting ready for commissioning, and that credit would be a welcome sight. I tried to contact Rep Reed to voice my support, but they say you have to live in one of his zip codes to get a message through. I sent a message to my Congressman here in PA, but he hasn't answered. I've not heard much from the industry on this year's lobbying plan. Are they trying to get this bill through stand alone? Part of a spending package? Part of larger tax reform? Surely they can piggyback it on something else. As long as it's there by 12/31 it's fine with me, but I'm starting to worry a bit. I really thought it was a no-brainer to level the playing field and extend it with the others that were already extended.
  6. ggenv

    ggenv New Member

    108 co-sponsors... but no way to know what the status is in Ways and Means... is it being discussed? What is time frame for any update?

    The way the bill is written, it would make the credit retroactive to 1/1/17, by just modifying the END date in the original law. Does anyone know if that means, if it drags into 2018 before passed, that systems installed in 2017 would still be eligible? And if so, would it be done on 2018 taxes or require an amended 2017 return?

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