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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Interested1204, Feb 5, 2022.

  1. Interested1204

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    Would anyone be able to help me understand carrier staging, and possibly tweak the settings. Our house is an ICF house, with a 3 ton Carrier infinity geo unit. It seems in heat mode to favor stage 2 instead of gradually raising the temp, making for complaints from the family. I can gather temperatures/runtimes etc to help sort it out, but I don't see anything in the thermostat related to staging decisions. The contractor tells me that if I switch to a standard thermostat I'll loose "all the smart features" but he isn't able to articulate what those are.
  2. xSpecBx

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    Is it favoring stage 2 when you are changing temperatures or trying to maintain a consistent temperature?
  3. Interested1204

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    I waited for a relatively cool day, (around freezing all day) to test my assumptions. Our schedule is 68 during the day (from 7:15a to 7pm), then 66 at night (7p to 7:15a). We pretty much stayed in all day. In the attached image for staging, Off = 55, Stage 1 = 60, Stage 2 = 65.

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  4. SShaw

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    It looks like the unit is either OFF or on Stage2.
    Switching from OFF to Stage2 at 7:15 AM could possibly be explained by the 2-degree change in programmed set point. Later in the day, it seems Stage1 should be activated.
    I have no information on what unit you have or whether the thermostat is conventional or communicating, so all I would say is check to make sure the thermostat is wired correctly for two-stage operation and that the unit and/or thermostat is configured properly for two-stage operation.
  5. Interested1204

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    You are correct! My apologies. Its the Carrier Infinity Geo 3 ton, GC036HELNDET1XX1, with the Carrier communicating thermostat - SYSTXCCITC01-B. Its currently set to heat only. I thought that this thermostat would try to get ahead of the change in temp, meaning if you set 7:15 up two degrees that it would start around 6:30 in stage one to BE at temp at 7:15, is that not the case? Wish there was a way I could set it to 3 degrees to bump up a stage.

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