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    Does anyone know where I can access Carrier geothermal heat pump technical literature?

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    Ask a dealer or a supply house.

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    This is a duplicate of another thread I started. Please disregard.
  4. Here is the deal. Carrier and most other major companies are VERY protective of their literature.

    Only licensed Carrier contractors can get the User Name and password to get to their site.

    So unless someone posts preexisting or predownloaded equipment pdf's, it is hard for a non licensed dealer, to get the latest information. (I understand the licensed dealer part. It is to keep idiots and the incompetents from working on your unit)

    Personally I think they would have fewer complaints and would make people happier if they put the information "out in the open".

    You might have better luck doing a general search on the web. You might get lucky and find a very recent pdf or one only five years ago.

    If you are the owner of the product, it seems to me that Carrier or whomever, would "owe" you the paper manuel if you pay for it.

    Usually when the pdf's are updated, they do have the latest information, but even older information applies 99.5 % to your product, they just won't have the latest suggestions, fixes, recommendations, etc. Maybe your Carrier / York / Trane / dealer will be kind enough to at least share the pdf with you.
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  6. Wow ! Thanks for the favor. My last "up to date" pdf for my machine was around August 2010.

    I work commercial. Carrier locally would only send me via E-Mail (at their convenience) information for equipment we had purchased for our site. They played very "cagey". They would not allow me to go onto the site to peruse info. (And I'm a legal HVAC supervisor).

    You must have a "back door".
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    I'm in the HVAC commercial industry myself and residential does not really communicate with commercial all that much.
    My packaged horizontal unit is still considered commercial but they dont price them typically.

    I found that as well as other manufacturers sites online using a google search - found carrier, climatemaster, & WF
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