Pennsylvania Carrier geo compressor “buzz”?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Kone, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Kone

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    New Carrier GC048 geo installed earlier this summer, replaced 20 yo WF. Now that it’s getting cold outside we’re hearing noticeable buzz when heating. Woke up the other day, two floors away, wondering wth is that? There’s a not-to-bad humm that turns into a loud (to me) buzz when it goes to stage two. When it shuts off the click off and shake sound seems extreme to me. Didn’t notice this at all while cooling.

    Called tech and asked them to stop by and they tell me it’s normal (scroll compressor which does have a blanket). Tech surprised I didn’t notice in summer, me too.

    Anyone else with any experience, feedback, or thoughts? Thanks
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  2. waterpirate

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    Diagnosis without prognosis is malpractice. Could be a lot of different things from simple to bad. Get the tech out there that knows the most to get eyes and ears on it. The statement " they all do that" is bull.
  3. Kone

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    Thanks. To be fair, the tech was great and spent a lot of time. These guys have been great too. In the end, he felt it was that the sound of the scroll compressor was new to my ears (from my old WF) but was normal. I am overly sensitive to sounds, or at least my wife says I am ;) but this is loud and really grates at me. As I wrote in my op, it starts out as a low hum that is reasonable the clicks up into a louder buzz/hum. When it shuts down the compressor shakes a bit extremely.

    Simple question... should I have been hearing this same sound during cooling?
  4. arkie6

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    Where is the unit mounted? On a wood sub-floor or concrete slab?

    Do you have a sound isolation pad under the unit?

    Do you have a flexible boot connecting the unit to the ductwork?

    Has it been verified that the shipping bolts (if so equipped) have been removed from the compressor mounts?
  5. Kone

    Kone New Member


    It is mounted on cement basement floor.

    Yes, there’s a isolation pad.

    There is no duct boot but the attached ducting is not sheet metal, it’s duct board.

    See pic re shipping bolts. Looks like there are two bolts in, two out? Back right has a bolt, back left doesn’t.

    Thank you.
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  6. arkie6

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    Do you have the installation manual for your unit? That should provide instructions for how to leave the compressor mounting bolts during installation.

    I'm not familiar with your brand of unit, but from what I have been able to gather doing some searching, all four bolts in the compressor mounting feet need to be installed, but they don't need to be tight so the compressor can float on those rubber feet. That rubber foot on the front left in the photo looks to be tightly compressed and may be locked up with an internal metal sleeve. Can you move the compressor by hand on those rubber feet? If not, you might want to back off those mounting bolts a few turns so that the rubber feet can do their thing and ask your installer what happened to the other two mounting bolts.

    Maybe someone else here with more experience with this unit will chime in.
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  7. Kone

    Kone New Member

    Thanks. Techs are having another listen and look.

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