Indiana Carrier/Climatemaster random Lt1 faults.

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    My Carrier 4 ton gt-pc 50yg heat pump is getting random lt1 faults. I self installed this unit last year and most of the time everything works fine. I've been reading here and through the DXM2 troubleshooting manual and have noticed others with similar issues with their climatemaster units. I believe the Carrier and basically a rebadged Tranquility 30.

    In the troubleshooing manual for the DXM2 controls, it shows revisions for the control board. Mine is on revison 1.2 and the manual states any version below 3.3 should be replaced if experiencing odd symptoms or unexplained lockouts, which I am. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the latest revision for the DXM2
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    I accidently submitted before I was done...
    Anyway, the troubleshooting manual is nearly 2 yrs old and I was wondering if there have been any newer revions to the DXM2 board. The lastest shown in the manual is part # 17B0002N10, with revision 3.3 and 3.6 as the same part number. Also, Does anyone know the difference in thermostats atc32u01 and atc32u02. I don't know if the latest thermostate would make any difference or not. My Carrier unit was manufactured in 2013, but I purchased it in 2015 and installed it in 2016. Thanks in advance for any help you might provide.

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