Carrier 50YAV unit problem

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by IK84, Jun 14, 2011.

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    First off I am doing this troubleshoot for my Dad. He has come to the conclusion its a lost cause. I feel/hope otherwise.

    The house is in Northern Georgia, Ringgold to be exact Near Chattanooga with a Carrier, 2.5 Ton (50YAVD48LLD311) I believe, system is Closed loop Horizontal I'll have to get back to you on the type of heat pump.

    The unit was probably installed back in 97 or 98 I speculate--possibly earlier. Anyhow the unit has performed flawlessly for many years however last week it went out. My sister lives at this house and claimed A/C stopped and she smelled smoke. We got around to investigating the unit and even replaced the 2 pumps on the unit with new ones we had extra. After we replaced the pumps we started the unit.The unit started, the blower spun. However no cold air, and my dad claimed when he put his hand in the tank there was no water circulation (pumps were running though). The tank near the pumps had its water/antifreeze mix, but it also had some crud floating in it-- Scale build up perhaps? If I can I'll try and provide more information, however that's all I know right now.

    When we got the unit we never got a manual or anything and Carrier doesn't have the YAV series on their website anymore.

    Anyhow, you guys are thinking just call a technician to take a look, Since its not my house its not my call and I first have to convince my Dad that it might be something that can be fixed and worth calling someone about.

    Thanks again and hope you guys can help troubleshoot.
  2. AMI Contracting

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    Sounds like closed loop.
    Should be some pressure test ports near the unit.
    A basketball inflation needle attatched to a gage inserted into those ports will help determine circulation.
    In the absence of circulation unit should still cool breifly.
  3. IK84

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    Thanks for the response

    When we are by there we'll try looking for that place to stick the needle. However if what you say is true (should be cooling even with lack of circulation) then the damage may already have been done and the compressor is ruined.

    If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to throw them out.

    Thanks again
  4. IK84

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    Just not seeing those inflation pin ports. Like I said no manual. Do all the units come with this?


  5. AMI Contracting

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    Sorry Chris I didn't check this when I was on yesterday.
    Not every unit has PT ports- it is up to the installer to install them they are not factory mounted. We get ours with the hose kit.
    If you don't have the ability to check for pressure drop, lets check what you can get to.....
    After it has been idle for at least 8n hours, check entering and leaving air when you first turn it on. If it cools but only for about 2-3 minutes it is probably a water flow problem.
    If it cools for less than 30 seconds it is probably a refrigerant problem.
    If it does not cool at all it could be refrigerant or a tripped manual reset safety (i.e. hard lock out as same fault presented 3 times).
    You could also take burp nut off flow center pump to see if shaft is turning.
    Dead compressor is not the most like scenario.

    I'm not sure we can talk you through this over the net.

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    You are faster and better in person. Nice write.


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