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    I'm currently out of the country and staying in a remote location in South America where temperatures can reach 120 fahrenheit.

    We don't have access to much but we have a water pump that pumps the underground water to a water tank.

    I've checked and found that the temperature of pumped out water is around 77 fahrenheit constantly. This is a whooping 43 fahrenheit difference.

    Now my idea is that I can pump the water up and run it through a new car radiator with fans connected to it in the house and reinject the water back underground.

    This solution seems very simple but will it work?

    In my calculations I'm getting some weird results

    Q = m * c * difference in temperature

    Assuming 1hp motor pumps up 70 liter a minute,

    The Q equals 5880 Kj of heat extracted in a minute. In a single second this translates to 98 Kj.

    This is of course impossible, it translates the cop of this to hundreds.

    What am I calculating wrong?

    Can anyone please help me with this?

    Most importantly can this system work & in the end will it be more energy efficient that an indoor ac system?
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    You are not accounting for the ability of the air coil selected to absorb heat.
    You are assuming it is infinite and it is not.

    You are assuming the leaving water will be 120F. It will be significantly lower than that.

    You might assume leaving air will be approaching 77F. It will be significantly higher than that.

    Keep in mind you are actually trying to "mix" relatively cool water with hot air through a heat exchanger. As a result your leaving temperatures , water and air, will be somewhere in the middle of 77F -120F. I don't know the formulas but they are out there somewhere.
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    In other words, no.

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