New Hampshire Can I improve my efficiency with better controls?

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    I have a 2yr old Bosch TW series setup at my 4100 sq ft home in NH. The systems consists of 2 Bosch TW series, 1-5 ton (primary) and 1-3 ton (secondary), 2 HY Airhandlers and 2 Multiaqua units. A 40 gallon HSS buffer tank which controls the Bosch units run time when a call for heating/cooling. The challenge I have is that with the HSS controls, it is operating in only 2 stages, the 5 ton kicks on in 2nd stage only and the same for the 3 ton.
    My question is would it be beneficial to consider better controls to run through all 4 stages or at least 3 stages? I was looking at the HBX controls as a possibility but still need expertise to install the system. When I asked my installer about this he mentioned it would be much longer run times and probably cost more, they didn't mention alternate controls, I cam across this from my own research. Winter months are over 3000 kWh usage on the coldest months (Dec-Feb/March) and summer is 1000-1300 kWh usage.

    Any recommendations?

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